Outdoor decking ideas


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Outdoor decking ideas

Luke Riley Luke Riley
 庭院 by Millennium Interior Designers, 現代風
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The outdoor deck has become an integral part of modern homes and a popular addition to home extensions. Decking provides a great social space that can be used for many purposes – events such as birthday parties, BBQs or family gatherings can be made even more special set on an attractive decking. 

With all the varieties of decking designs options out there, its difficult to make clear decisions for our own outdoor deck. There are many design aspects to consider – lighting, landscaping, wood type and finish and furnishing all contribute to the style and mood of the deck area. Keep reading and see some of the amazing decking design ideas that we have compiled here at homify. 

Floral appeal

 庭院 by Paul Newman Landscapes, 熱帶風
Paul Newman Landscapes

Agapanthus in full bloom

Paul Newman Landscapes

Planting colourful evergreen plants along the edges of the decking area provides much needed life and vibrancy to the garden. The blooming flowers of the agapanthus and the matching purple pot add colour to the area. From this perspective we can see bamboo planted at the rear of the garden – a popular choice due to its tall and dense foliage that acts as a natural border.

Private dining

Privacy is an obvious important consideration in this decking design. Here we see a property that is surrounded by neighbouring properties with windows overlooking the garden. The use of hedges is a smart method of offering much needed privacy and and also acts as a soft natural  border. Furniture choice is simple and elegant, the black and white plastic outdoor furniture is a smart weatherproof option. 

Sunny spot

 露臺 by Zodiac Design , 現代風
Zodiac Design

The roof terrace

Zodiac Design

Just look how open and sunny this decking area looks from Zodiac Design. A space tailored for social interaction, there's plenty of furnishing for everyone to find a comfortable place to sit and enjoy the sunny rays. The use of pillows on the chairs softens the seating situation and provides a more comfortable way to relax. Safety is key to a usable deck, here we see an attractive barrier that integrates with the rest of the outdoor area. 

Shaded area

 露臺 by Kemp Sails LTD, 地中海風
Kemp Sails LTD

Various Shade Ideas

Kemp Sails LTD

During those hot and sunny months its especially important to offer shaded protection from the sun. There are many options available for permanent shading such as pergolas and retractable canopy awnings. Here we see a shade sail made from a material resistant to sagging or tearing even in the worst weather conditions.  

Lighten up!

 露臺 by Arc 3 Architects & Chartered Surveyors, 現代風
Arc 3 Architects & Chartered Surveyors

Clapham – Ground Floor Rear Extension and Interior Remodelling

Arc 3 Architects & Chartered Surveyors

Lighting can really set an ambiance of an outdoor deck. Designers and achitects have focused upon creating a bright space even when the sun has set. Here lighting has been built into the lower and upper sections of the walls. We love the creeper plants that have spread across the white backdrop of the clad walls which give the space a touch of greenery. 

Contemporary lifestyle

Paul Newman Landscapes have achieved a contemporary edge in this small courtyard with the use dominant use of the lightweight plastic material. The planter boxes are filled with plenty of green plants for that much needed colour and height against the white backdrop. Planter boxes also give the opportunity to include edibles – a sunny spot out on the deck is the perfect place to grow a herb garden.

 房子 by Casas inHAUS, 現代風