8 ideas for a bedroom unlike any other!


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8 ideas for a bedroom unlike any other!

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A beautiful bedroom can really complete your home, but would you want to decorate yours in a way that countless other people were too? Imagine the horror of walking into a friend's house and seeing a carbon copy of your sleep haven, right there in their house! Well, you won't have to worry about that ever again, once you've read this article, as we are bringing you some fabulous tips for how to create a unique bedroom that looks as though a professional interior designer has curated it! It's all about creative use of colour, shapes and materials, so if you are struggling to get your inspiration moving, take a look at our ideas and see what you come up with!

1. Use sophisticated neutral tones.

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Choose two or three similarly-toned colours and use only them throughout your whole bedroom, including bed linen, lamp shades and wall décor. You'll quickly see that a muted palette is a sophisticated one that won't need updating for many years, if at all. Also, don't be afraid to employ some patterns, as we said muted, not boring!

2. Use a bright colour for a feature wall.

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What's your favourite colour in the whole world? Have you got it in your mind? Then that's what you should paint the wall behind your headboard! Whatever it is, from bright turquoise to the deepest black, if you accessorise it right, it'll look astounding, regardless!

3. Try an unusual bed shape out for size!

Nobody ever said that square beds are the law, so why not tap into your more bohemian side, with a round bed? You simply need to buy unfitted sheets and regular duvets, so it won't have a knock-on effect with your bed linen and you might even find that you get a better night's sleep!

4. Embrace ethnic design.

When you want to keep a colour scheme fairly plain, but patterns are fair game, we think that ethnic designs are the perfect way to add in some really exciting design to your bedroom. Take a look around some furniture import shops and see which styles really appeal to you and ask if you can source anything specific!

5. How about designing your own mural?

Let your artistic side out to play by designing and painting your very own mural. In order to keep it totally unique, you could draw inspiration from a favourite holiday or perhaps a treasured memory, which only you and your family will understand the reference of!

6. Try out some quirky décor.

If you are going to try out some more unusual design ideas, your bedroom is the perfect location, as it's a private space that can be quickly rectified and nobody will ever have to see it, apart from you! Empty picture frames, light shade garlands and even coloured light bulbs will all be a fun experiment!

7. Pallet beds make a cheap but impactful addition.

Pallets can be picked up cheaply or even for free and are easy to turn into a wonderful DIY bed! We love the example here, as previously, we hadn't thought about painting our DIY pallet furniture, but now we have, we can't get it out of our minds! What other colours would look good?

8. Make your own headboard.

Got an old door kicking around somewhere? Then you might have the perfect basis for a custom headboard already in your possession! Of course, you can use anything you like the look of, but there is something about vintage doors with all the hardware still attached that make for amazing headboards!

For a little more DIY inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 10 simple bathroom decor ideas you need to try.

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