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Neutral and timeless teenage bedrooms

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Yupih 嬰兒/兒童房床具與床鋪
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The teenage years—a relentlessly changing and fluctuating combination of craziness, transformation and transition. Keeping up with a teenager's inexorably shifting inclination is one thing, but attempting to design a bedroom for their unpredictable needs and requirements is another challenge entirely. Today we will investigate how to design a teenage bedroom that will not only look fabulously stylish, but hold up to the different demands that occur over this tumultuous period of time. Transform a drab space into a functional and effective study and sleeping area easily with these excellent ingenious examples below. Ensure you create a bedroom that functions in a multi-purpose and orderly way, and safeguard the coming years with some nifty and useful design inspirations.

Neutral and age-defiant

One of the biggest problems with teenage bedrooms is that tastes change within such a short period of time. One week it may be light-hearted pop, then next, goth–inspired hardcore punk. With all this change, it can be hard to find a room décor that will stand the test of time, or at least act as a neutral mediator between one extreme to the next. This room achieves a fine balance of cool, relaxed and easy-going. Perfect for a boy or girl, this space is relatively neutral with a few contrasting elements to keep things interesting. Think dusty blue walls white furniture, and charcoal accessories. Throw in a few pattern combinations, and you will have a space that can transition through many years without the need for a facelift.

Classic elegance

A truly delightful and stylish room, this style of bed space is another clever way to ensure an easy design transition through the years. A design such as this could suit a younger child, and without much alteration, be similarly suitable for a young teen of 12 to 16 years. To emulate this style, choose a nice subtle yet inviting wall hue, classic style furniture, and traditional accessories.

A modern bedroom and study

Yupih 嬰兒/兒童房床具與床鋪

A nifty and exciting bedroom space, this is a bedroom for a design conscious teen. Replete with dusty pastel tones, and bold patterned accessories, a space such as this will be the envy of your child’s friendship group, and encourage an interest in décor and sophisticated design. One of the best elements of this space is the study and comfortable incorporated reading space. With a nifty hanging pendant light, the area is perfect for relaxing with friends, studying, and having a space of their own to chill and reorganise.

Eclectic and interesting

This bedroom is perfectly decorated for a young teenager—replete with hints of young adult design and décor, the space is stylish, sophisticated, but with a lively and fun attitude. The birdcage with candles is an excellent accessory and infuses the space with a sense of eclecticism and fun.

Pretty in pink and white

This bedroom is a smartly designed space that will be suitable for not only a teenager, but for a young adult as well. While furniture, joinery and linen abounds, the pink elements inject little personality and individual taste into the space. With this design, the feature gives a sense of individuality, but can be easily changed when the teen grows up and moves out, leaving the space open to conversion into a spare or guest bedroom.

Suitable for everyone

This bedroom utilised joinery to produce a space that would suit any tween, teen, or young adult. The built in shelving ensures accessories can be stored, shared and displayed easily, while the colour scheme is neutral leaving the space feeling spacious and airy. In smaller rooms, built in cabinetry such as this is an excellent way to make the most of the wall space and provide smart and organised storage.

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