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The Sky High Family Home

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Millimeter Interior Design Limited 客廳室
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With some of the priciest real estate of any city in the world, finding a spacious and roomy apartment in Hong Kong can often seem like a daunting and unachievable task. Fortuitously, the owners of this rather large apartment were in luck, their home of 2200 ft² (204 m²) was a rare find, and was brimming with potential. However, the spaces needed a refurbishment, and a complete renovation. Enter the team at Millimeter Interior Design

Upon inspection of the dwelling, the designers were faced with a few difficulties. The residence boasted surprising and breathtaking views over the city, with the apartment surrounded by many tall buildings. However, all of the windows were north or south facing, reducing the permeation of natural light. In order to rectify this situation, Millimeter implemented many light enhancing features and elements. The result is a well illuminated domicile, with an abundance of family friendly spaces, and a chic yet age-defiant design. Receiving a commendation of excellence from the A'Design Award & Competition, we are confident this is a unique and thoughtfully executed project. 

If you would like to take a tour of this impressive and exceptionally well-designed residence, check out the images below, and perhaps gain a little inspiration for your next home makeover or renovation. 

The spacious living area

The first image we see of this home is the stylish open plan living room. Although the depth of the interior space is a hindrance to the penetration of light, the room still manages to feel open and airy. To combat the north and south facing windows, the designers employed many nifty tactics. In this room in particular, the bespoke yellow cupboard is incorporated to impart a bright cheeriness upon the space. Instead of the room feeling dark, dank, or dull, it is now a bright and convivial area. 

The colour scheme is another important contribution within the newly designed interior. White has been employed as the overarching hue, and this again injects the room with a vast boundless aesthetic. The furniture is modern in its design, with many mid-century elements adding intrigue and a unique quality to the domestic aesthetic. Finally, a strip of mirror is added at eye height, to give another dimension to the room, and impart a sense of infinite spaciousness. 

Fun detailing

The overwhelming sense of contemporary style and sophistication is more than obvious in the living room. Here in the dining space, we are treated to a close-up of the highly unique chandelier. This bespoke light fitting features photos of the occupants children, and is a beautiful way to personalise the space, adding to its charm and character. The dining table is a light timber hue, and works beautiful with the timber tone upon the floor. This again helps to accentuate the home's spaciousness, while reflecting the light that enters the dwelling. 

On the opposite side of the room, we are given a glimpse into the family-friendly living area and the modern art that adorns the walls. Replete with a huge wall-mounted flatscreen television, this is the ideal place for the entire family to grab a seat and settle in for a comfortable night of fun and frivolity.  

An inspirational workspace

Can you imagine a more perfect workspace? We certainly can't! This glorious view is the setting for a beautiful custom designed home office, with a sleek yet ultra-practical desk. This room is loaded with pragmatic and functional features, which make this multi-purpose space ideal as a second work base and home office, or even an area for children to undertake their homework and study.

In terms of the style and design of the space, the timber flooring is carried throughout, and mirrored in the bespoke bookshelf, which additionally functions as a great storage space for household miscellany. The chair is ergonomic, and offers the occupant a comfortable place to sit while working or studying. Furthermore, there is a sofa for those moments when you need a change of seated scenery. 

A minimalist washroom

Minimalism reigns supreme within this neat and compact bathroom. The colour scheme departs from the typical white of the other domestic spaces, and instead opts for a darker hue. Dark shades can work exceptionally well within smaller rooms, and in this case the charcoal tone is a brilliant addition when paired with the crisp porcelain fixtures. 

Light, bright, and airy

This room is the epitome of how to design with natural light. The space is airy, wonderfully spacious, and makes the most of the building's situation and position. Completely child friendly, the built-in joinery adds practicality, while a chalkboard wall offers a great space for kids to release their artistic side and imagination. Sitting adjacent is a neat play space with a table and chairs ready for some creative action!

Moreover, there is a single armchair, wonderfully positioned for a parent to sit and read a book while the children play. The furniture is neutral in its tones, with a white bed spread seen in the right hand corner of the image.  

A magical master suite!

In the first image we saw a slither of mirror included to enhance the spaciousness of the living room, and here we see the same strategy applied again. The designers have included a wall of mirror, which is interspersed with the huge upholstered bed head. The mirror reflects the light that enters the room, and adds to the brightness of the entire space. 

The bed head works as a feature in the room, and is an eye-catching element that creates contrast against the almost all-white palette. Cupboards and robes are built into the wall, and the high gloss finish reflects the light, almost as well as the mirror adjacent. 

Sleek, chic, and ultra-indulgent

As the final room we are taking a peek within today, the bathroom greets us with a stunning crisp and clean space. The overwhelming feeling is one of opulence, with a large shower room, and abundant mirrored surfaces adding to the sense of luxury. To maximise the permeation of light into the bathroom, the mirrors have been thoughtfully placed to ensure no area is left unilluminated. 

Bathing in simplicity

As we turn around and take a look at the bathtub from a different angle, we are struck with how impressively the view is maximised! This is undeniably a lavish bathing experience, with a breathtaking outlook over Hong Kong city.  

The apartment is a beautiful example of how a seemingly dark and unfortunately situated home can be transformed with thoughtful and astute light maximising design. We hope this inspired you to renew or refresh your home, and if you would like to see more, we suggest: A Glamorous Residence

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