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The Eco-friendly home for everyone

Blocher Blocher India Pvt. Ltd. 现代客厅設計點子、靈感 & 圖片
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This lavish residence built in Germany overlooks the Stuttgart valley in utmost pride and style. Designed by Blocher India pvt. Ltd, Asian subsidiary of a German based company, this single-family house sprawls over an area of 325 m2. The best part is, this house is extremely eco-friendly. It does not depend on oil, gas or electricity for its functionality. The designers have included solar panel and a temperature dependent heat pump that utilizes Geo thermal energy for the entire functioning of the house. Let’s walk you through to learn some other striking functions of this house as well.

Glass exteriors

The façade is a beautiful display of huge glass windows that are majorly designed in southern and western sides, as other sides are more private. Along with a concrete display of stairs on one side and a graceful garden on the other, they induce a hearty vibe of tranquility and bliss in the area. The cosy lighting along the edges and around the green plants creates a breathtaking aura.


The in-room kitchen is adjacent to the dining room.  A cosy wooden dining table holds the corner spot while the whole attention is focused towards the sparkling white kitchen cabinets. Designed with a minimalist approach, the kitchen is basically a broad palette of white and grey. The white cabinets are adorned with the grey platform while a sidewall has inbuilt facility for microwave and ovens. This area receives enough sunlight from the glass windows and remains attractive by the impressive placement of flowers and planters.

Living room

The living room comes with no defined boundaries and sprawls over the entire area covering most of the place. It is employed with different types of seating lineups that create a medley of classy, comfortable and lounging chairs. Surrounded by huge glass windows on all sides, this place is perfectly engulfed in the goodness and cheer of natural light. Cane lounge chairs; push back recliners and comfortable sofa set help to bring different moods under one roof.

Other angle of living room

This view focuses on other embellishments of the living room apart from the chairs and furniture. This room is given a highly earthy and organic feel pertaining to the stone washed walls. Stunning wall arts and indoor planters further embellish this part of the house. A thinly textured rug spans across the entire area and provides a sophisticated look to the living room. The perforated metallic detailing on the windows radiates the sunlight in a distinct artistic manner that falls perfectly on indoor furniture and flooring.

Cosy lighting

The exteriors are given a whole new perspective with the addition of concealed lighting and water elements. A cosy fountain is designed besides the staircase that lends a pool type feeling. Besides this, a wonderful stone pathway is created, which is flanked by white and green flowers. This makes an ideal relaxation joint of the house. The lighting is effectively done to highlight these stupendous features. This cosy set up is just perfect for nature lovers and people who appreciate the eternal natural combination of water and plants.

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