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4 kitchens overflowing with character

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ZeroEnergy Design 現代廚房設計點子、靈感&圖片 Brown
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Today we will show you 4 magnificent kitchens which are filled with character. Each is different and each has a very particular and unique style. We have a kitchen that is 18th Century Parisian, a rustic off the grid kitchen with plenty of style, a modern oasis kitchen that just so happens to be positioned by the poolside, and an eco kitchen in a stunning eco house!

Come and take a look at some amazing work done by kitchen planners!

1. Parisian kitchen.

A kitchen designed for an 18th Century building in Paris but with state of the art amenities and a casual yet tailored look that the French do so well. With French gray apothecary style cabinets on an island and natural reclaimed rustic oak flooring, the kitchen is divine in its careful attention to walls, trim and ceilings which appear distressed but timeless. 

The kitchen extends even further.

The kitchen has a wonderful relationship with the dining room in which we can see elegant chairs with a sturdy oak table. The blend of white wood with the rustic floorboards and chandelier create a stunning character-filled room which makes you want to linger. 

Small details.

The kitchen is peppered with details which exude warmth and homeliness. White marble walls and bench with black shelves and stainless steel utensils are a charming addition to this space. 

2. Rustic off the grid kitchen.

This kitchen is located in a rustic off the grid home and yet has all the modern amenities. With wooden beams on the ceiling and a raw stone wall, the kitchen is home to some creative decoration. 

Linear look.

Linear kitchens are popular because they can combine style with efficiency. Plenty of room for storage and a charming chic rug, the kitchen area is prized for its choice of colors and materials. 

3. Modern oasis.

This kitchen is conveniently positioned by the poolside and has a wonderful view of the outside. It is beaming with sunlight and fresh air, the blend of modern tiles on the wall, along with ceramic vases and wood, make the space look interesting and artistic. 

Another angle.

From this angle we can see just how much space this kitchen has and how open it feels. The sitting area feels relaxed and beachy, whilst the kitchen appliances are both stylish and functional. 

4. Eco kitchen.

Kitchen island, floating pantry, and stairs to second level ZeroEnergy Design 現代廚房設計點子、靈感&圖片 Brown
ZeroEnergy Design

Kitchen island, floating pantry, and stairs to second level

ZeroEnergy Design

The spotlight in this kitchen is the island, the floating pantry and stairs leading up to the second floor. Recessed wooden cabinets are off the floor (hence, appear to be floating) and conceal a big pantry within the wall. The attractive greenish counter/ platform sits on a solid wood base. 

Generous counter space provides a lot of working area for food prep; white stools provide seating arrangement for daily use. Glossy kitchenware & bright lighting contribute a stylish touch to the kitchen. Bonsai planters used as decor add a refreshingly elegant element. 

Sunny and bright.

Kitchen wine storage and dining area ZeroEnergy Design 餐廳
ZeroEnergy Design

Kitchen wine storage and dining area

ZeroEnergy Design

This image shows the other side of the classy kitchen with the setting for dining. The open shelves provide quick and convenient access to dishware. 

You will love this compact, stylish and minimalist apartment!

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