8 unique bedroom ideas for a modern look


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8 unique bedroom ideas for a modern look

Leigh Leigh
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The bedroom is our nest, our most intimate retreat. It is always there everyday, ready to welcome us at the end of a long day give us moments of rests and help us to recuperate. This is why it's so important that it's special and unique.

This is why we've put together some suggestions from some of our top professionals today, inspiring you with 8 ideas for different bedrooms designs. These images and projects will provide useful input when it comes to building a bedroom environment that suits our tastes, needs and personality. 

Let's create the bedroom of your dreams!

1. Neutral tones for a sophisticated space

casa Fiori 根據 Studio Matteoni 地中海風

If we want to give our bedroom a touch of sophistication, focus on neutral colours both for the decor and the bedding.

As we can see in this example, covering the walls in elegant wallpaper with earthy tones can create a gorgeous and classic little haven.

2. Soothing like the ocean

根據 labzona 隨意取材風

If you love nature and spaces that don't make you feel claustrophobic, paint the walls bright, celestial shades. You'll feel like you're at the ocean!

For a gentle touch, play with some wall art.  Don't you love how the cheerful birds bring a feeling of being outside under the blue sky in this space?

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3. A round bed for a bit of glamour

Do you love sophisticated environments that are rich in style? Well take inspiration from the homes of celebrities and choose sometime completely different and unique – a round bed!

This is a very original item that gives a rock star touch to a bedroom.

4. Ethnic inspiration

Do you love daydreaming of distant lands?

We bring you this oasis of a bedroom, which is inspired by earthy tones and ethnic-inspired decor. You'll feel like you're in a foreign land every time you step foot inside!

5. Modern and magical

Give your classic bedroom a modern touch by utilising the walls. In this bedroom, we can see how wallpaper makes for a very unique contemporary space packed with character and charm.

6. Original and unique

Sometimes you just need to have a little bit of fun with your space with a less is more concept.

In this bedroom, we can see how the designers have put an empty yet trendy frame on the wall. Not only is this quite a show-stopper but it's economical too!

7. Recycle pallets

If you're a fan of DIY projects and enjoy recycling, why not introduce pallets into your bedroom?

In this bedroom, we can see how it brings quite an industrial chic element to the space and, thanks to the bright yellow tones, a retro touch. 

Have a look at this project: cool furniture for almost nothing using pallets.

8. The old wooden plank for a truly unique headboard

This is another great example of how items can be recycled for a very unique look and feel. You could do this yourself or employ a carpenter to assist. Never has design been so simple and so cheap!

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