6 dreamy living rooms to recreate at home


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6 dreamy living rooms to recreate at home

April Kennedy April Kennedy
 客廳 by 石井秀樹建築設計事務所,
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Get ready to fall into another world today, because we have 6 dreamy living rooms to show you. They all have that one special element that lifts them from the above the purely practical and into a whole other realm!

So whether you love pure minimalism, maximalism, glamour or just a touch of decadence, you're sure to find something here to inspire. One might even prompt a breakthrough in design. So, without further ado, let's go exploring!

1. A maximalist living room

Maximalism is having a moment in the design world. It is an aesthetic defined by a surplus of colours, patterns and lines. It is the exact opposite of minimalism, and yet, it still follows all the tenants of good design. A maximalist interior design is busy, but not cluttered. The key to making it work is using a few bold items in supersized proportions to create a sense of scale and focus.

2. Living room with an incredible courtyard garden

No one quite does internal courtyard gardens like Japanese architects. This one has glass walls on all sides to create a simply sublime living room. The beauty of this living room is that the light pours in from the ceiling and makes the garden a real focus point. Note the stunning contrast of the lush green leaves against the neutral minimalist interior.

3. A living room with a glamorous bar

This glamorous living room has a curved bar that looks like it belongs on a 1920s film set. The plush recessed lighting and golden fabrics all add to the appeal. We love the hanging storage above the bar. The curvy design accentuates the sense of luxury in the room.

4. High bookcases and vintage charm

Even little living rooms can feel otherworldly. This little living room has antique style bookshelves that run all the way to the ceiling. We love the wooden ladder on wheels. The big comfy reading chair looks like the perfect place to delve into a good book. If not, you might want to recline on the built-up sofa.

5. Sunken seating in a minimalist Japanese home

It doesn't make sense to block the view with pesky furniture when you have a natural view like this. Instead, the architects have created a floor with sunken seating. The occupants legs dangle beneath the table and the room has a beautifully minimalist aesthetic with nary a broken light of sight.

6. A natural jungle

This is another maximalist living room by The Painted Door Design Company. These incredibly talented interior designers and decorators have given this room a beautifully wild and jungly aesthetic. The ceiling lights are obscured by trailing vines, paper birds decorate the walls and of course - there's a huge green apple for added appeal.

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 房子 by Casas inHAUS,