A crumbling cottage becomes the perfect modern home


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A crumbling cottage becomes the perfect modern home

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  by ewaa,
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Old is gold, as they say. But not when it needs a modern twist and a serious bout of cleaning up! That is exactly what was given to this old cottage, which was stuck in the past, with only the growing moss on its rooftop for company. The architects at EWAA decided to keep the old charm intact with a few modern tweaks. Join our virtual before & after home tour to see the results for yourself…

​Before: old facade

  by ewaa,

The old facade of the home had a whimsical roof which once would have shone with style. But here, the charming shape is marred by moss and mould due to years of neglect, dulling the impact of this potentially pretty abode. The rest of the home was surrounded by layers of rubble, strewn about the grounds in unsightly sacks.

​After: new and improved exterior

  by ewaa,

The new exterior of the home shines with smart design! What we love about this transformed look, is that the designers have preserved the old charm of the home with both the colour play and quaint slanting roof. The deck is sleek and layered, with slim steps in white to match the rest of the main facade.

​After: neat rear facade

  by ewaa,

With all the rubble gone, the designers have managed to install a flat stone path that defines the backyard area. The hedge here is a charming throwback to the old countryside style. The well-manicured lawns are a far cry from the rubble-covered space of before.

​After: modern kitchen

  by ewaa,

The new kitchen is chrome and white, with a decidedly modern feel. There's a sleek, utilitarian kitchen island, stacked with shelves, while the wooden floor offers much balance to the space. The sliding doors on one side provide greenery and natural light.

​After: minimalist dining room

  by ewaa,

The designers have created a warm palette in the dining room, thanks to the wooden floor and other furniture. They've also managed to bring a rather sophisticated look, with minimalist touches, a simple wall-mounted bench and sleek table. The lamps are industrial chic, while the blinds are dark and linear.

​Before: dingy and dated bathroom

  by ewaa,

The bathroom had a seriously outdated look, thanks to its blue walls and checkerboard tiles. The old fittings were also an inconvenience as far as practicality was concerned. There was barely any ventilation through the small window, which did not bring in much light. The space looked dark and dingy.

​After: luxurious bathroom

  by ewaa,

The bathroom of the home is now a luxurious space, with a glass and wooden shower installed in the eaves. The fittings are slate blue, while the attic windows bring in lots of light. 

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