Saving money on heating at home

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With the colder months well and truly here, you should be thinking about how you can make your heating budget stretch further. Fortunately, we've found some fantastic tips and tricks that will do just that. 

We took a look at what heating professionals suggest as sensible courses of action in winter and brought their ideas (plus a couple of interior design tricks) together into one handy article. We think you'll instantly feel the benefit! 

If you're keen to save money in your home this winter, let's get started…

1. Drain your radiators

A top tip for getting more from your heating system is to drain all your radiators and then refill the system, which will eliminate any air bubbles or blockages that might be preventing your radiators heating up properly. 

With the system freshly filled, you'll need to bleed your radiators in sequence and then they should work efficiently!

2. Use reflective radiator panels

Did you know that you can get reflective panels that sit against the wall (behind your radiators) to reflect all the heat back into a room? 

We didn't, but what a clever way to prevent heat escaping into your walls! 

homify hint: For a budget hack, you can use tin foil as nobody will see it.

3. Switch off some radiators

If you have any rooms that are rarely used, such as a spare bedroom or a home office, you should switch the radiators off or keep them turned down low. 

You want to keep the spaces warm enough to avoid getting damp but, if you don't need them toasty, don't waste the money!

4. Choose warm wall colours

Time for an interior design trick.

If you paint your walls with warm colours, they will naturally feel toastier. This means you can knock your thermostat down a couple of degrees without even noticing. 

Every little helps and if you get chilly, pop a jumper on!

5. Opt for warm flooring materials

Stone and tiled floors might look great but they're extremely cold underfoot and can act as heat sinks for your central heating. Therefore, we suggest choosing warmer materials, such as wood or even carpet. 

Underfloor heating is an option, but that will significantly add to your heating bills so don't overlook warmer options.

6. Don't forget to add some textiles

When you want to rely less on your heating, you need to invest in some decent home furnishing and textiles. Throws, rugs and cushions will all keep you feeling warm while you have your heating on low to take the edge off

Like energy-efficiency experts always say, just turning your thermostat down by one degree can make a huge difference to your spending and the environment!

For more winter home tips, take a look at this Ideabook: 19 easy ways to save energy (and money) this winter.