16 pictures of amazing South African bedrooms


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16 pictures of amazing South African bedrooms

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
根據 Covet Design 現代風
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A comfortable bedroom is the recipe for a good night's sleep. Whether you like the idea of a bright and colourful space, something more serene and stylish or even a neutral inspired zone of tranquility, your bedroom is a reflection of your personality. 

In this homify article, we look at 16 gorgeous bedrooms that are perfect for a South African home, taking into account the panoramic views, fresh air and of course that vibrant natural element, our interior designers are inspiring homemakers with hints and tips to suit any household.

1. Romantic elegance

根據 ARRCC 現代風

The neutral colour scheme, light wooden panels and lovely natural sunlight is perfect, creating an elegant atmosphere accustomed to relaxation.

2. Attractive and chic

This bedroom is decorated in simple tones of white, grey and beige, while the chic fireplace is another feature of calm and comfort.

3. Garden level

A bedroom that opens out onto the garden is great for those who enjoy communing with nature.

4. For the seaside

De Kelders Residence Hermanus Western Cape 根據 CS DESIGN 現代風

De Kelders Residence Hermanus Western Cape


Blue decor is an awesome choice for a home located at the seaside.

5. Some sea green

De Kelders Residence Hermanus Western Cape 根據 CS DESIGN 現代風

De Kelders Residence Hermanus Western Cape


But, if blue isn't for you, then stunning sea green is a fantastic option too.

6. The view

The drawcard of this bedroom has to be the fascinating view of the ocean.

7. Simplicity

A simple palette and minimalist decor is trendy, tasteful and contemporary.

8. A touch of floral

South Africa is well-known for its fauna and flora, so include a touch of colour with some floral elements to the bedroom.

9. Geometrics

Geometric wall decor is always great for an interesting effect.

10. Pillow perfection

The best way to create a charming ambiance in the bedroom is with mountains of pillows and layers of quilts.

11. Family friendly

Keepsakes and photographs as mementos to decorate your walls can be stylish if done properly.

12. Lighting story

It's important to look for amazing illumination and lamps as decor. Simple chandeliers add a feature of luxury and opulence to a home.

13. Full wall

Main bedroom 根據 Tru Interiors 古典風
Tru Interiors

Main bedroom

Tru Interiors

A headboard that takes up an entire wall creates a spacious appearance in the bedroom.

14. Duck egg

If you like the idea of neutrals, but want something unique and unusual, then a duck egg colour scheme will be a fresh feature in your home.

15. All-in-one

A spacious bedroom means you can really have it all! Think about the best spot for that TV, elegant illumination and a stunning view of the city for that high-rise apartment in style.

16. White and wonderful

Guest Bedroom 根據 Tru Interiors 現代風
Tru Interiors

Guest Bedroom

Tru Interiors

Brilliant all-white bedroom flooded in sunshine and attractive tones of gold. How is that not the lap of luxury? Have a look at: Building the perfect house to fit the South African lifestyle for more decor inspiration.

現代房屋設計點子、靈感 & 圖片 根據 Casas inHAUS 現代風