Home gym ideas for every home


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Home gym ideas for every home

Miriam Damache Miriam Damache
根據 Millimeter Interior Design Limited 現代風
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If there is one sure fact about a maintaining good life, it is that a healthy and fit body will have greater chances of living longer and happier. The expression that a healthy mind requires a healthy body has never been more true than in this day and age. Over the years, there has been a ascending interest in physical exercise to maintain a healthy mind and body. Having a gym in one's own home is a feature that has nothing but benefits. Here are a few examples of home gym designs.

Wooden simplicity

This home gym has everything an avid sporty person would desire: rings to lift oneself, a punching bag, a rope ladder, an elliptical cardio machine and of course an exercise mat. The light tinted colour of this home gym has a calming effect which suits this type of room wonderfully, since it does't distract or hinder the eye . However, the choice of lively colours like green, red and blue for the excise apparel is a good motivator to get active and most of all, keep going because they do not blend in with the rest of the room.

Futuristic exercise

Often, futuristic designs are applies to all sorts of things such as furniture, automobiles, homes and many more. Furthermore, this image presents a cardiovascular type of machine that has a very futuristic design. This machine will pique curiosity to the extent that many people would want to try it out. The slim and elongated design of this machine is quite endearing and its presence in a room or a home gym will stand as a decorative piece as well as an exercise tool.

Vintage fitness

This home gym has been designed with a vintage flair. The room itself has a rustic and beautiful olden look that has been combined with a series of vintage objects such as the punching bag, the wooden support beam, the pulley and the retro wheeled wooden cart. All these efforts will pay off since working out in a room that has been carefully thought of and planned ahead is a guarantee that the time spent in this home gym will be a pleasant one.

A gym with symmetry

The current picture of a home gym is of wonderful simplicity and straightforwardness. The overall look of this gym feels like a sheltered getaway with its magnificent concave brick ceiling. This alluring gym with its almost perfect symmetry of the mirrors lamps and benches mirroring each other as well as the archway in the middle, is a clear invitation to go for a spin.

A gym of colour

根據 Bronx 隨意取材風

Here is an example of how a home gym doesn't have to be a boring one. This charming room has been situated in a way where the exercise machines and apparel benefit from the natural sunlight as well as offering the chance to look out the window while fitness training. Also, the colourful retro floor is a stupendous addition to this room since it gives off much liveliness to it. This is a design by Bronx.

現代房屋設計點子、靈感 & 圖片 根據 Casas inHAUS 現代風