6 note-worthy kitchen renos


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6 note-worthy kitchen renos

Leigh Leigh
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An empty or cold room transformed into a fabulous kitchen? If that's the case then we would like to take a look!

This is why today at homify we have put together six inspirational kitchen renovations for you to explore at a glance. The results will be especially worthwhile!

Today you will be inspired by the excellent work of various expert professionals and you will see for yourself just how beautiful your kitchen can be.

Before and after:from chilling to gorgeous

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In this picture, we can immediately see a direct comparison between the old kitchen and the new kitchen. On the left is a cold, spooky and cheerless room and on the right is a fantastic new kitchen. This modern space features refreshing and original finishes.

This is incredibly inspiring, showing just how much potential exists when it comes to renovations.

Before: Old industrial space

In this image, we come across an old industrial space. While it may have originally been quite spacious with lots of potential, it's hard to imagine turning this space into a kitchen.

But let's see how they manage to do it!

After: The ideal kitchen

After the renovation, we come across the ideal kitchen. This is really a space where you can cook and eat!

The old atmosphere still exists but it features a very modern design with a slight rustic edge.

Before: A small space

Imagine if you were commissioned to make a beautiful kitchen out of this tiny space. Would you throw your hands up in the air or see potential? How far would your imagination go?

After: Very cozy

This new kitchen features an incredible atmosphere. Even with the limited space, a contemporary and stylish cooking area has been built with a striking floor and a cozy look and feel. 

Before and after: obsolete to super hip

The contrast between these two images couldn't be greater. On the left we see a old-fashioned kitchen while on the right we come across a very hip and trendy design. The wooden laminate flooring and trendy features create an eclectic atmosphere. This is a very successful project!

Before: A ruin

This room was a complete ruin and seems to hold no potential what so ever!

After: Unique kitchen

Now this is a unique and refreshing kitchen space. The rough concrete and smooth wood make for a wonderful combination. 

Before: An old attic

The only thing going for this old attic is the fantastic high ceiling. Yet it's hard to imagine this space being used as a kitchen.

After: A beautiful little kitchen

Here we can see how a studio has been created in the attic, complete with a little kitchen. While it is small, it is still very expansive thanks to the high ceilings. There is also a very special atmosphere that has been preserved in this space.

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