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A cheap and stylish monochrome prefab home

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Prefabricated houses are perfect for those who want to know exactly what their new home is going to cost. The other major benefits are that you can generally get an extremely good idea of what the project will look like, and precisely how long it should take.

So today, we will explore one very budget-friendly prefabricated Asian home. We have loads of specifications available on this small home, so come with us for a photo tour! We should add that this project comes to us courtesy of general contractors Judiyan, from Taiwan.

Comfortable, nature-friendly living

Much of Southeast Asia enjoys a temperate climate, so the home's integration with the natural surroundings is a big consideration. This dwelling has a small but attractive facade, with a large glass bay window that protrudes a little into the front garden. A simple feature like this is a good, cost-efficient way to make the home feel natural and abundant. The company also has a wide range of decorative stone options that you might use on the exterior.

Also, from this angle we can also see a second construction to the left. The home is available in separate units that can easily be arranged to create a more sprawling design if you wish. This particular arrangement has a central courtyard area.

A view of the balcony

劃時代-移動宅 築地岩移動宅 客廳 石英 White



The balcony or deck here shows us how important the outdoor spaces are in this home. The home is constructed with steel beams welded to the main frame. This gives it an unparalleled strength in the face of strong winds and earthquakes. The decorative trim around the balcony window and the highly polished ceramic floor tiles are both examples of materials that could be used in this project. There are plenty of other alternatives for those who want to tweak the design to suit their own taste and style.

Small but fully functional

劃時代-移動宅 築地岩移動宅 客廳 磚塊 White



The home may be small, but it's carefully designed to make that most of every inch of space. The large windows and outward focus are perfect for those who want to make the outdoor areas feel like an extension of the living space.

The home is also very well insulated and the walls are made from a calcium silicate board, with an outer wall of two layers of cement board. They run to more than 15 cm thick. This helps cut down on cooling costs during summer.

Spacious modern bathroom

劃時代-移動宅 築地岩移動宅 浴室 磁磚 White



This may be a small prefabricated home, but the bathroom is definitely quite spacious and comfortable. It has a walk in shower, top mounted basin and a lot of space. The decorative tiles you see here are just one of the many bathroom tile options to choose from.

Shipped and ready to go!

Prefabricated homes are largely factory-made, so the home is already partially constructed off-site. This has a drastic effect on the costs and the environmental friendliness of your home. Finally, we should add that the home has a cement steel thickness of 15 cm. This gives it a strong centre of gravity and makes it extremely sturdy.

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