9 layout tricks we learned from small apartments


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9 layout tricks we learned from small apartments

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Small apartments require a little innovation when it comes to their layout and design. Not only do you have a limited space to design and decorate, but you also need to consider all the essentials that are often easier to position in larger abodes. Let’s face it, working with a compact floor plan is tough but it’s not impossible.

To provide a helping hand as well as a few tips and tricks, we’ve collated 9 layout hints that we’re sure will inspire. From working with your storage to embracing multi-purpose furniture, we’re definite there is something to suit every home setup. If you’d like to learn more, read on below and start planning your new home today!

1. Work with your space

First things first, in order to utilise your small home correctly and efficiently, you need to know what you’re working with. This often means chatting to a professional to get a little advice, and researching other dwellings to see what they have employed.

Work with your space, not against it, and you will find you end up with a far more satisfying, versatile and usable home.

2. Go open plan with your layout

Open plan interior layouts are ideal for small homes. Not only do they increase the perceived amount of space in your dwelling, they create movement and flow that is often hindered by separate rooms or divisions.

3. Create flow and movement

Flow and movement can be created easily in a small apartment. You should be aware of the type of furniture you are employing, and avoid large, cumbersome pieces that disrupt ease of movement throughout your home.

4. Ensure your scheme is unified

Unifying your overall scheme and interior theme will assist in providing a sense of cohesion, improving your dwelling’s ambience, atmosphere and aura. Pick a general colour family or aesthetic and run with it, much like this stylish living room  above.

5. Employ the right storage

Not necessarily something one contemplates when planning their layout, but storage is actually an essential consideration. Ensure your home is clutter free with a layout that provides built-in storage to effectively contain all your domestic miscellany.

6. Dark colours can work well with a compact layout

Despite what you may think, dark hues actually look and work wonderfully in a small apartment. Focus on enhancing your windows, while boosting the perceived space and depth with rich tones and shades.

7. Create mood and ambience

The layout of your small apartment has a huge effect on the mood and ambience of your dwelling. Focus on where each item will be located, ensuring you keep your primary objective and desires in mind.

8. Use partitions

Partitions are ideal for keeping individual spaces separate, while still boosting your open aesthetic and keeping everything cohesive. This glass partition offers the potential for privacy, while still ensuring the movement and flow of the apartment is retained.

9. Avoid awkward nooks if possible

Nooks are no good when you’re working with a compact home. Ensure your area utilises every inch of space, focusing on reducing awkward crevices and instead working with the layout to create a free-flowing space.

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