10 things you really should throw out of your kitchen


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10 things you really should throw out of your kitchen

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Do you despair when it comes to keeping your kitchen tidy? We know how it is: plastic bottles, cans, empty boxes, tools which have not been used for many years… right now they´re probably filling your overflowing drawers and cupboards, gathering dust and creating mess. Are we right? Of course we are! So, without further ado, it´s time for a spring clean to make your kitchen more functional and less cluttered.

1. Recipe books you no longer use

Blue & Cream Gloss Kitchen, Aberdare, South Wales 現代廚房設計點子、靈感&圖片 根據 Hitchings & Thomas Ltd 現代風
Hitchings & Thomas Ltd

Blue & Cream Gloss Kitchen, Aberdare, South Wales

Hitchings & Thomas Ltd

Are there any recipe books you no longer use in the kitchen? These days, recipes can easily be found online, so let´s recycle these old books and create more work space to make life a little less cluttered.

2. Too many mugs

斯堪的納維亞  by MAKE International, 北歐風
MAKE International

Jane Foster Range

MAKE International

Mugs are bulky and can seem to multiply like rabbits over the years. There comes a time when there are so many we can´t seem to contain them within a cupboard! So take the older ones (or ones you don´t like) to a charity shop and give them a new life. 

3. Plastic bags

Eco-friendly bags are popular today, but the curse of its plastic predecessor has not completely disappeared. Are you keeping a large number of plastic bags in your kitchen? 5 eco bags are surely all that is necessary. With modern composting and recyclable options, we should try to eliminate this type of plastic from our daily lives. This will also create more space in our kitchens!

4. Takeaway food

18th Century Manor House with Modern Kitchen 根據 homify 古典風 木頭 Wood effect

18th Century Manor House with Modern Kitchen


Have you kept such things as disposable chopsticks, plastic cutlery and sauces when bringing food back home? It´s time to let them go. Don´t just throw away, recycle at appropriate places and reduce the environmental impact of such things.

5. Worn-out towels

斯堪的納維亞  by ferm LIVING, 北歐風

ferm LIVING Image Photos


Do you have old towels, table cloths or oven gloves lying around? It´s time to get rid of all your worn-out, faded or stained fabrics. They can be taken to the recycle bins to be used again.

6. Tinned food

現代廚房設計點子、靈感&圖片 根據 homify 現代風

Look deep into your cupboards, check the sell-by dates and you might be in for a surprise. Yes, it´s time to get rid of all those old tins you never knew existed in the darkest corners of your kitchen.

7. Unused kitchen tools

現代  by KitchenAid, 現代風



Do you have any kitchen tools or appliances that haven´t been used in years? Make space by passing them on to someone who will use them, or drop them in the local electrical recycle bin.

8. Kitchen knives

鄉村  by The Rustic Dish, 田園風
The Rustic Dish

Large Rustic Olive Wood Serving Board

The Rustic Dish

We all have one. A surplus collection of knives we never use. Old ones, blunt ones… let them go!

9. Empty bottles and cans

經典  by Lewis Alderson, 古典風
Lewis Alderson

Surrey kitchen

Lewis Alderson

Most people do recycle bottles and cans these days, but there are a few of us who tend to keep them in cupboards and other nooks and crannies. Once you've finished what's inside, chuck out the container!

10. Tupperware

現代  by Dotcomgiftshop, 現代風

Set Of 4 Ridged Melamine Stacking Bowls With Lids


There is a strange phenomenon associated with tupperware, in that people keep buying more even when they have enough. Avoid storage space issues by recycling yours, and don´t buy more in case you might use them one day.

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