A chic retro home renovated for only S$75k


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A chic retro home renovated for only S$75k

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不拘一格  by 株式会社スタイル工房, 隨意取材風
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Time is a cruel and unstoppable beast – especially when it comes to architecture, décor, design and interiors. What might have looked good only a few years ago can quickly become dated and disastrous. The effects of time can however be slightly halted through good design, sufficient planning and an aesthetic that maximises age-defiant styles. In the case of today’s feature renovation, the experts imparted a retro atmosphere through the incorporation of enduring, high quality finishes, fixtures, furniture and accessories.

Undertaken by the team at stylekoubou in Japan, this 28-year-old, 60-square-metre apartment has been given a fresh lease on life. The best part? This entire refurbishment was completed for the totally reasonable sum of S$75,000.

Beautiful, engaging and family friendly, this vintage home utilises a creative mixture of retro elements combined with practical storage options to produce a usable and highly liveable dwelling. Want to take a peek inside? Let’s check it out below…

The not-so-radically retro interior

It’s safe to say that some retro spaces are a little over-the-top. Not this one however. This interior is perfectly balanced, and a nice combination of modernity with vintage touches. Unified and harmonious, the designers have opted to include a light colour scheme that works excellently with the timber features and tiled elements in the kitchen.

Neat, tidy and inviting, this renovation appears far more expensive that it actually was!

Casual dining with thoughtful accessories

Some of the first things we noticed in this home were the wonderful array of eclectic furniture and eye-catching accessories. Playful and cheery, the different hues and shades work in conjunction with each other, producing a unique atmosphere and ambience.

Maximising light

Turning around to take a look at the room as a whole we see the bright sunshine that is streaming in through the sheer curtains. This sunny apartment has been made all the more inviting through the use of gentle window dressings and light timber flooring.

Welcoming and warm

In the entrance we also take note of some darker contrast items such as the tiled floor. These are low-maintenance and produce a retro aesthetic, which is then combined with the other more timeless timber elements.

Adding homely touches

The apartment has been completely altered from its former self and is now a warm, welcoming and hospitable space. Homely touches have assisted in this process, such as this hanging light that adds atmosphere and an inspirational quality to the interior.

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 房子 by Casas inHAUS, 現代風