homify 360°: Lara Rios House, Asturias


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homify 360°: Lara Rios House, Asturias

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根據 miba architects 工業風
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Lara Rios House, by Miba Architects, is an incredible piece of design that shows how working in cooperation with the surrounding environment can produce truly breathtaking architectural work. Set into a hill with views of Asturias, this stunning home and art studio offers the perfect location for the ultimate creative stimulation. Where better to produce art than inside another work of art? And there can be no denying that Lara Rios House is exactly that.

​At one with the world

The unique multi-levelled design of the building’s roof allows it to completely blend in with the topography of its location, seeming to rise out from beneath the grass. The grass-covered section of the roof is sloped not only to provide continuity with the rest of the scenery, but also to provide an easy point of access to the roof and the view it offers.

​Multiple personalities

Seen from this angle, the house takes on an entirely new personality. Instead of being integrated into nature, it now appears sleekly – and conspicuously – inorganic. This impression of near self-consciousness about its manmade nature is partially brought about by the use of clean, bright white, untarnished to a degree rarely found in nature. More important than that, however, and more of a major contributor to this sense of contemporary, artificial vigour, are the straight lines and sharp, unexpected angles that feature so heavily in the building’s silhouette.

At the same time, though, those lovely pale wood accents do serve as a slight concession to nature, offering a break from the expanse of white.

​Shadow play

At night when shadows and interior lights come into play, the true magic of this building’s use of angles and glass is revealed in its fully glory. Particularly stunning is that asymmetrical sloped section seen on the left-hand side of the picture, with its wonderfully generous skylight/window.

​Inspiration station

Seen from within, the effect of that large window is even more impressive. The high ceilings, white theme and ample supply of light all combine to make this studio space an irresistible and inspiring workplace for any artist.

​Industrial style

The corrugated ceilings, unfinished cement floors and large stretches of space seen here lend a touch of the warehouse to this interior.

​Home sweet home

And yet there is still a clear domestic influence here, as evidenced by the shelves full of books, suggesting that this is a personal space as well as a workspace.

​A cosier space

In the kitchen, that fabulous exposed corrugated roof remains, but the cement seen in the studio is replaced with a polished floor, and the warm tones of a low-hanging honey-coloured metal lamp helps to warm the space up.

現代房屋設計點子、靈感 & 圖片 根據 Casas inHAUS 現代風