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homify 360°: a fantasy house in the sun

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Raquel Junqueira Arquitetura 房子
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A lot of the time, when we’re looking at images of architecture and interiors created by others, we’re seeking direct inspiration for our own projects. And sometimes, we’re just after a bit of escapism: something totally fabulous that we know we’re unlikely ever to be able to replicate. Unless you live in Brazil and have unlimited funds at your disposal, the latter is likely to be the case with this stunningly luxurious villa designed by Raquel Junqueira Arquitetura. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t well worth taking a poke around this lovely home. It’s nice to dream.

​Sun-soaked style

The entire look of the exterior of this building immediately places it in the setting of a hot and sunny country – no house in grey London would every manage to match such obvious opulence with such laid-back appeal. The palm trees encroaching on the scene from the background just enhance that summery vibe.

​Making an entrance

A very broad external staircase is a good way of upping the glam factor of any home, as clearly demonstrated here.

A moment of reflection

The gorgeously deep blue of the sky is just another design feature here, casting beautiful reflections across the swimming pool and the windows of the house.

​A killer location

For the first time, this photo gives us a sense of just how incredibly striking the location of this property is. With lush green mountains providing a breathtaking backdrop, it would almost be difficult for a house placed here – however unattractive in itself – to be anything other than incredibly desirable. Of course, this particular house is so gorgeous that the view is just the icing on the cake.

Room to relax

There are plenty of options for lounging and enjoying the sun,  the most sociable of which is this luxuriantly padded seating area built around a fireplace – perfect for tipsy evenings with guests.

​Crammed with character

Despite the textbook luxury of the outside portion of the house, the interior is far from cookie cutter. In fact it’s packed with unique charm, and filled with wonderfully interesting clutter such as the map and globe seen here.

A darker side

Black walls bring a serious note to an extremely bright and playful space.

​A roof to remember

In the living and dining area, the ceiling – which visibly reveals the structure of the roof – is the star of the show.

Country quirks

Barrels, mounted farming implements and a rich wooden surround to the fireplace introduce rustic prettiness to this opulent setting.

​A gallery

There’s lots to look at on this wall jam-packed with framed pictures.

​Soak up the scenery

The spa looks out onto that gorgeous vista, offering the ultimate in relaxation for body and soul.