15 small homes that prove you should decorate with white


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15 small homes that prove you should decorate with white

Honor Kennedy Honor Kennedy
 房子 by Studio Dois,
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White paint is the unquestionable workhorse of hues. If you ask an interior designer which colour they have in constant rotation, more often than not, it’s white. White is more than simply bland and bleak, it comes in a range of shades and tones, each one offering a different ambience and atmosphere. The right white can transform a room, open up a space and impart elegance. Working wonderfully as a background colour, or blank canvas, to your other shades, white can also work as a feature in its own right.

If you’re still unconvinced, we’re going to show you 15 small dwellings that prove why white is the best colour for your abode. Let’s check them out…

1. White is the ultimate blank canvas, which can be decorated and adorned with bright eye-catching elements

2. White certainly doesn't have to feel boring! In this compact yet lavish apartment we see it heightened with copper accessories and lush indoor plants

If you like this design and are considering something similar for your own living room or compact apartment, you can find a professional to offer some expert advice here

3. Utilise white with its opposite hue black to evoke an attention-grabbing interior aesthetic

 客廳 by DesigniTures,

Interiors | Black and White


4. White often works well in small loft spaces, enhancing the perceived space and boosting airiness within the room

5. White fascias and frontages are a popular option that suit many small abodes and help them to feel lighter and brighter

6. Pair light white walls with bright feature hues, along with beech timber for a peaceful Scandinavian ambience

7. Opt for a partial white fascia, which seamlessly coordinates with medium timber cladding

 房子 by homify,

8. Magically monochromatic, this exterior blends titanium white with zinc roofing for a contemporary yet enduring finish

9. Don't be afraid of all-white interiors – within a compact abode they offer a clean, crisp atmosphere that can be easily changed to suit your needs

 廚房 by Elan Kitchens,
Elan Kitchens

Small U Shaped Kitchen

Elan Kitchens

10. You might think white within a kitchen is a bad idea, but a small cooking space can benefit greatly from a sanitary and versatile hue such as white

 餐廳 by Atelier036,

Small kitchen


11. Want modern, age-defiant and eye-catching? Opt for a white exterior and impress you neighbours with ease

12. A fresh coat of white paint on a heritage façade ensures the building is fit for the next generation of occupants

13. This white cubist home proves white is a contemporary hue that can easily stand out from the crowd

14. This one-room apartment in Berlin utilises white to create a space-age domestic environment that is anything but boring

15. White can also feel cosy when paired with the right furniture, accoutrements and snug accessories!

 客廳 by Bloomint design,
Bloomint design


Bloomint design

Did we convince you? If you want to see some more minimal and white homes, check out: 11 things we learned from Scandinavian interior design

 房子 by Casas inHAUS,