7 bathrooms redesigned with stunning results


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7 bathrooms redesigned with stunning results

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 浴室 by Badeloft GmbH - Hersteller von Badewannen und Waschbecken in Berlin,
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When we enter the bathroom every morning or even at the end of a long and dreary day, we look forward to some alone time spent replenishing our energy so that we can bounce back to an upbeat state of mind. The bathroom is our own luxurious oasis that must be designed to aesthetically as well as functionally. Yet, in many cases, this does not happen. Take a look at these 7 bathroom revamps to see what a creative and modern renovation can do!

1. Before: Nightmarish scheme

  by homify,

This attic bathroom had a nightmare for a scheme with the dirty tiling and the stained glass doors. The white fittings also needed an instant replacement while the whole space was crying out for a better layout as well.

​After: Earthy good looks

 浴室 by homify,

The new and improved space now boasts of earthy good looks with spiffy lighting to boot. The golden glow of the lights and the rustic texture of the sleek pillars and niches make for a well planned and good looking bathroom indeed!

2. ​Before: Busy patterns

This bathroom was a classic one that had lost its charm. The patterns were too busy in the bathtub area while the sink also needed an update.

​After: White beauty

The new bathroom now has a white palette with a color blocking effect thanks to the wall mounted towel heating rack on the side. Pops of mustard and yellow also appear in the accents. Credit goes to the interior designers and decorators at Espaces A Rever.

3. ​Before: Dilapidated and shoddy

This bathroom lay in shambles with hardly any personality as the crumbling walls seemed to cave in on the space with a complete lack of lighting.

​After: Luxuriously sedate

This soothing and sedate space is now a beautiful vision with its asymmetrical attic feature for the roof and the glass wall for the shower.

​4. Before: Garish and narrow

This bathroom is a narrow one filled with garish details like the red and white color splashes. The bold colors in this case are actually an eyesore.

​After: Sleek and mellow

The new textures of this bathroom along with the glossy fittings and golden lighting make for a mellow statement in neutrals.

5. ​Before: Unsightly space

  by homify,

This bathroom lay in complete design disarray. To begin with, the brown and beige wallpaper made the entire space look dull while the green fittings created a mismatched look.

​After: Keeping it simple

 衛浴 by homify,

The clutter can now be wisely contained in the shelves that have been set underneath the square sink while a neat niche holds the brown framed mirror.

​6. Before: Work in progress

The loud green walls of this bathroom were being stripped bare so that the space could accommodate a more stylish personality.

​After: Modern bathroom

The egg-shaped tub and the simple wooden textures make this a minimalist heaven!

​7. Before: Dark palette

Despite the large window, the room wore a gloomy look thanks to the mismatched tiles and fittings in their dark hues.

​After: Chic space

The space now has a chic look and an open layout, thanks to the removal of the bathtub. Here’s another story - 10 bathroom designs that will get you to turf your tub!

 房子 by Casas inHAUS,