​8 modern apartment bedrooms you'll wish were yours


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​8 modern apartment bedrooms you'll wish were yours

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根據 Taller Luis Esquinca 現代風
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The bedroom is your private sanctuary where you can unwind and just… be. Therefore, it should be designed in a way that makes us most comfortable and relaxed. Due to space restrictions, many people struggle to create the perfect bedroom in a small apartment. This Ideabook will show you 8 beautiful examples you can use as inspiration to style the boudoir in your compact urban home. Ready to be inspired? Read on!

1. An oriental touch

This oriental-style bedroom by the architects at Taller Luis Esquinca had us swooning from the word go. The graphic patterned bedding is balanced with layers of neutral cream, while the robust dark platform bed makes it the perfect grounding factor in this room. The sliding doors offer a stunning view of the greenery outside, making the bedroom a refreshing space!

​2. Neutral and wooden bedroom

Wooden flooring and a Scandinavian touch are apparent in this bedroom. The designers have taken care to layer this space with plenty of upholstered furniture, for a luxurious look. The mat and bedding are in contrasting neutrals, lit up by the pretty lamps on the walls, the bedside table and the ceiling.

3. ​Pattern play

The designers have used subtle pattern play for an artistic twist in this pretty bedroom. The quilted bedding is in a simple grey, while the ottoman and wallpaper complement with their exotic patterns. The artwork leaning on the end table makes for a romantic look.

4. ​Layered with robust neutrals

Neutral blues and beige line this bedroom, so that one can relax in a serene ambiance. The mirror on one side makes it all look expansive and luxurious to the core. The numerous cushions and pillows create a comforting vibe.

​5. Rustic pieces

根據 homify 鄉村風

The headboard houses a characterful art installation made from textured wood. The pattern on the curtains complements this rustic theme, while the bedding and lighting keep the scheme soothing and restful.

6. ​Functionality, here we come!

根據 homify 現代風

These extendable beds turn into tables and cupboards with a few quick adjustments. Thanks to these pieces, the designers have managed to bring in much functionality to this wooden and homely space which is filled with the warmth of quirky monogrammed art.

7. ​The classic bedroom

根據 homify 古典風

This classic bedroom has soothing muted leather upholstery and plenty of lighting, bringing out the beauty of the pastel shades used for the accessories. The exotic rug and golden curved furniture make for a wonderful look indeed.

8. ​Modern and casual

This bedroom will always have a youthful vibe, thanks to the modern and casual theme that it follows. The splash of colours above the bed and its low platform-like setting on the white rug make for a luxurious yet informal look.

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