A small but inviting house you'd want to call home


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A small but inviting house you'd want to call home

Dayan Buensuceso – homify Dayan Buensuceso – homify
  by หจก.วรชานนท์ ก่อสร้าง,
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Beauty can be in a small size with symmetrical porportions and light color. It can be found in a detached house where the grounds are fertile enough to eventually grow a dainty landscape that would complement the house. Beauty can be very subjective, but it can also surprise you especially when you find it come to life through a home that would shelter you and your family. See if this house we're about to feature. It will satisfy your vision of a simple and beautiful home.


Painted in light green and dark gray with a hints of white and orange, this house follows the traditional balanced architecture with a modern twist. Before going into the facade's details, we shall note first the matching small fence of intricately shaped and coated wood. From this view, the house looks straight out of a storybook.

Main entrance

When we mentioned balance and proportion earlier, we're referring to how the house from its center to one side mirrors the other side. The slight difference is that instead of placing the main door on the center, it stands on one side. Nevertheless, its French window design goes nicely with the white-framed windows adorning the exterior. The roof takes on the gable style with ridges that form the roof for the small front porch. Consult roof experts to achieve this dark terracotta tiled roof.

Side landscape

The barren area surrounding the house can be utilized to grow plants. This side in particular has been planted with a tree. Note also the small growth of flowery shrubs by the entrance. If you're also facing this drought in your vicinity or if you simply want to improve your landscape, check out our garden ideas. 

This side portion details the modern design of the windows which are distanced farther than usual from each other and nearly touch the edges. The graduating color palette is also noticeable here and it's interrupted by orange.

Casual patio

At the back of the house is an open and raised patio decorated by printed tiles. Antique furnishings go well with this printed floor and if the family chooses this area to be waterproof, a lean-to roof can be constructed or its flat roofing extended. Nevertheless, once the ground has been cultivated and adorned with ornamental plants, the spot can be a great place to relax.

Final look

Apparently, this angle shows that the patio is an open extension of a projecting portion of the interior. And mentioned earlier, the house is symmetrical in design and the back side reveals nothing less. One final note is that the windows are larger than usual which means that once they are opened more light can pass through inside.

If you're looking for tempered flamboyance, see if this small traditional home suits you more. 

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