7 ideas to make your living room spectacular


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7 ideas to make your living room spectacular

Rita Deo Rita Deo
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Living room as we all know is the first place that visitors see of your home and make their personal opinion about owners’ taste and sense of aesthetics. A presentable living room has to be uncluttered, comfortable and lit brightly to enable conversations in a relaxed manner. While expensive furniture, furnishings, wall art, lighting, television and décor pieces can enhance the sophistication level of a living room one has to place them in appropriate positions to gain the appreciation of guests.

According to interior decorators, wall and ceiling color also play a major role in living room appearance and the best way to enhance the region’s decorative style is to choose light neutral tones. Designing the right kind of living room is not difficult to achieve as you will see through these seven simple ideas that will make it look spectacular. While creativity and imagination is required to achieve desired result helpful tips like these can enable you to have the best living room among friends and family!!

1. Focus area with lighting

All the elements in this trendy living room are designed to create a harmonious and welcoming atmosphere with combination of comfortable furniture and layered lighting arrangement. The low tables and sofas with colorful cushions in contrasting tones, match the background of accent lamps in the wall that provide a colorful glow like a set of decorative items in the corner.

2. Unique and colorful elements

现代客厅設計點子、靈感 & 圖片 根據 homify 現代風

It is common knowledge that right mix of colors, prints, furniture, furnishings and other decor objects are essential to create a living room that is worthy of appreciation. Interesting elements fill this region that complement each other like the abstract metal pattern followed by the crystal dome and flower patterned sofas that make the room look amazing.  Colorful elements that are eye-catching and unusual decor objects in a neutral space give life to this beautiful and eclectic living room.

3. Unusual accessories

An ideal way to capture the attention of guests at your house is to decorate it with stylish and unusual furniture and accessories that will remain in their memory. Elements that reinforce the decorative style, either with shapes or with the same color palette like silver toned sofas is idea is to generate contrasts, textures and colors. In this classic style living room every piece of decor is carefully selected like the centerpiece on coffee table and decorative chandelier to retain  perfection .

4. An atmosphere of peaceful relaxation

While decorating a living room the focus may be on selecting the best but one should not compromise on comfort to achieve the same. In this charming living room everything has been carefully planned to include a sizeable number of sitting options before a large television with modern sound system. Clever lighting within shelf style niches attracts guests’ attention to the pieces in an unobtrusive way while down-lights above the television shed mysterious patterns on the wall. Colorful cushions and large furry rug add to the comfort level of this cozy living room.

5. Optimize the spaces with minimalist dividers

If you have social areas of the house across an open floor hall then it makes sense to use creative dividers instead of boring staid cement walls. This trendy metal grill creates barrier between living room and other parts of the house while retaining visual flow.

6. Eclectic mixture of varied elements

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To create a living room that is smart and unique it has to have combination of multiple elements that work harmoniously together. The living room here has two walls; one is the background stone wall with a garden built into a large section while the one holding the television is made of wood.

7. Welcome natural light

Combination of bright colors on the floor, wall and furniture may seek a bit overwhelming in this living room but the strong tones are suppressed with neutral surroundings and natural light from the open balcony. The dining area has been glassed in creating a beautiful vista for guests sitting in the living room.

Here are more Beautiful ideas to decorate the living room that can be used during your next living room redecoration phase.

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