8 modern entrance halls that will impress your guests


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8 modern entrance halls that will impress your guests

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現代風玄關、走廊與階梯 根據 Concepto Taller de Arquitectura 現代風
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Your home entrance says a lot about you and your property, so you want it to make an impact – in the right way. A lacklustre hallway really is guaranteed to leave a negative first impression on guests, and it's not the kind of space you want to be greeted with when you walk through the door, either. So come take a look at some beautiful entrances that would be easy to replicate in your own home! 

The interior designers that created these wonderful spaces clearly understood who their clients were and identified key motifs that would create a personal yet welcoming entrance in a flash. And we want you to be able to do the same – so let's see how they did it!

1. Minimal and chic.

When it comes to hallways, less can be more, so strip back your furniture and focus on one key motif. Here, a stunning floor has been created to draw the eye and be the main focus and we think that's a great idea. If you don't fancy relaying an entire floor though, you can get a similar effect, just with an area rug!

2. With a focus on plants.

根據 Pop Arq 簡約風

A little nature goes a long way, especially in an entrance hall, so start looking around to see which plants you like best. If you don't have a natural green thumb and worry that you are more likely to kill than nurture plants, choose low maintenance varieties, such as cacti!

3. With lots of mirrors.

Small or large, your entrance hall will benefit from some beautiful mirrors being on the wall and we think this example is so inspiring! Instead of standard shapes, look for something with a little retro touch, as they will contrast well with a contemporary décor scheme or complement a more traditional home!

4. All about the wallpaper.

When wallpaper came back into vogue, it did so in a really big way, thanks to the sheer amount of amazing feature designs that are guaranteed to make a huge impact, even if used in small doses. To create a stunning hallway in minutes, we can't recommend a single wallpapered feature wall enough and it's such a cost-effective method too!

5. Paying homage to the classics.

If you like your home to be a little more traditional, how about hanging some seriously cool art in there? So many people save their art for the living room or even bedrooms, but we are all about the more unusual placements right now! Hallways are a perfect position for some gorgeous wall hangings, as they won't usually be in direct sunlight, but will be a talking point as soon as anyone walks in!

6. Fun and interactive.

斯堪的納維亞風格的走廊,走廊和樓梯 根據 homify 北歐風

Family homes always seem to struggle with the hallway, mostly because they become dumping grounds for outdoor clothing and accessories, but you can still create something amazing! Get some storage in place, to hide away all the debris and then, how about a blackboard feature wall? The paint is readily available and will allow for a constantly evolving hallway that is fun to use!

7. Polished to perfection.

Hallways can be a little dark, so a great way to combat tat is to not only inject extra lighting, but also, adding in polished furniture! Chrome pieces will not only look elegant and sophisticated, they will also reflect any and all light that pours in and create a stunning aesthetic. So simple!

8. White, light and bright!

現代風玄關、走廊與階梯 根據 Versat 現代風

Finally, when all else fails, a super simple and classic all-white hallway will always set your home off on the right foot. Clean, fresh and unfussy, white hallways just ooze a natural elegance that is hard to beat and always look so well considered and perfectly put together.

For more hallway inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 10 beautiful hallways to surprise your guests.

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