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15 beautiful garden ideas for your home

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Incorporating a garden in our house can seem to be a difficult thing. But there are many designs and layouts that are so simple that you can set them up within just a few days. If you have been wondering as to where you can get references to these layouts here are 15 beautiful garden pictures that can help you start the process.

1. Flower beds

If you are looking for a beautiful garden that also requires less maintenance then introducing similar looking flower beds into your home is ideal. You can incorporate any design into this flower beds easily.

2. Trees

Putting together a bunch of trees is also a great way to layout a beautiful looking garden. This might not be the quickest way to have a garden but it surely is advised for the longer run.

3. Creepers

One of the quickest ways to incorporate a small garden is by adding creepers. These plants can cover an entire wall with it just a week and are the perfect combination of trees and flowers.

4. Seasonal plants

Another thing that you can consider if you are planning to create a garden in your house is opting for seasonal plants. These plants are available almost immediately and can survive the weather condition of your location for a long time.

5. Natural layout

Apart from having an amazing garden that is full of plants adding a little touch of other natural elements to it is also important. The designer of this garden has created a natural stone wall to enhance the look of the entire place.

6. Walkway garden

If you have a small house and are looking for the perfect place to create a garden then walkways can also be an excellent choice. Creating long flower beds on both sides of the walkway can help you achieve a unique look.

7. Potted plants

It is not always possible to have a big or open garden and the best alternative to this is using potted plants. Adding similar looking plants whenever you can in your house will not only uplift the entire mood of the place but will also make it look regal.

8. Artistic flower beds

We might think that one needs a bigger space to create a patch of garden but utilising small areas like these is also highly recommended. You can also add artificial flowers to these flower beds to make them last longer.

9. Combining elements

Combining two or more different elements together can also be a great way to incorporate a garden into your house. The designer of this garden has used sand, stone walkway and flower beds in the same location to make it look livelier.

10. Grass

One of the oldest and the simplest ways to have a lush green garden is by using natural grass. This is not only low maintenance but is also a great way to make your place look complete.

11. Small fountain

One might think that fountains only come in big sizes but you can also get small indoor fountains that can be placed in different corners of the garden to make it look more surreal.

12. Tropical trees

If you do not have water shortage in your locality then planting tropical trees is something that you must try. These trees can grow really tall and can make the entire placed look grand.

13. Corner garden

Using a dead space to create a natural looking garden is also ideal for small houses. This particular picture showcases a small triangle of flower bed that is situated right between the door and the parking which is otherwise a dead space.

14. Individual planters

If you are not into trees and are looking for an alternative than using individual planters all around the garden is also a great idea. You can also incorporate different varieties of plants throughout the garden to make it look amazing.

15. Backyard garden

Out of all the perfect locations that you can use to layout your garden, backyards can also be an ideal choice. You can also try similar looking flower and grass layout to make the place look well designed

Check out other ideabooks for more garden layouts. 

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