21 garden terrace ideas to save you lots of space


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21 garden terrace ideas to save you lots of space

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If you have a garden, it's time to start thinking about how you can add some extra functionality to it ahead of summer. And here at homify, we think that the ultimate garden must-have is a striking terrace! 

Landscape architects are geniuses when it comes to making outdoor spaces look beautiful and function effectively, which is why we think you should take a look at our top suggestions for terrace styling and then give your design team a call! 

Whether you prefer a contemporary, classic or sociable aesthetic, we will have some great ideas for you here, so let's take a look and see which terrace could be perfect for you.

1. Keep it small and cosy, with retro furniture pieces and comfortable textiles.

2. Turn it into a stylish outdoor eating area with a modern dining table and eye-catching chairs.

3. Ultimate simplicity can be all that you need, so a wooden plinth and some chairs will be cost-effective.

4. Decorate it as lavishly as the inside of your home, to make it a really stand-out space.

5. Make it unequivocally relaxing and laid back, with low-level furniture and a plethora of cushions.

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6. Make sure your furniture colours work with the house exterior, or everything will look a little jarring.

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7. Think about including a little weather protection in the form of an organic bamboo roof. So chic!

8. How about turning it into an alfresco kitchen, complete with oven, grill and work station?

9. You could even make it a self-contained socialising spot, with a kitchen, table and seating area!

10. Mix styles that shouldn't go together, for a unique look! Modern and rustic look amazing here!

11. Make it all about the plants, with some potted varieties dotted around on the surface.

12. Don't be afraid of bold colour, if that's what you love! Your walls are ripe for a little splash of vibrancy.

13. Have you always wanted a home bar? Now's your chance and it won't cost a huge amount if you keep things simple.

14. A water feature will be a surprising but stylish terrace focal point.

15. Make it all about you and enjoying some private time. A hammock and a drinks table is all you need!

16. Treat it like an extra living room and inject some stylish accessories, such as art, cushions and lighting!

17. Stick to natural materials, for an organic feel. Terracotta and wood are perfect for that rustic, warm ambience.

18. Consider erecting an actual garden room on it, which will protect you from the elements and give you access to extra seating!

19. Add a solid roof, for all year round enjoyment. A terrace heater would even give you some winter alfresco potential!

20. Give it some flair with tiles you love, maybe some funky cabinets or mismatched chairs! it needs to reflect your style!

21. Turn it into something you can't fit in the house, such as a self-contained party area!

For more garden inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 11 garden path ideas to make your home look beautiful.

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