24 easy and practical DIY ideas for your patio or garden (part 2)


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24 easy and practical DIY ideas for your patio or garden (part 2)

Leigh Leigh
 露臺 by homify, 現代風
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We've already had a look at 24 easy and practical DIY ideas for your patio or garden (part 1), so now it's time to unpack this a little bit further and explore some more creative and innovative ideas.

These are designed to help you to decorate your garden and patio areas as well as create functional spaces that can be used for you and your whole family, with very little money spent or effort applied.

Every single one of these ideas is simple and could be a fun DIY project, but will make your exterior space look like it has been designed by a landscape professional.

Let's explore these magnificent ideas and get inspired to create our own modern, refreshing and stylish outdoor areas!

1. A simple concrete pond with black stones for elegance

2. Build a firepit for winter for a romantic touch

3. Add a fresh vase of flowers for a beautiful yet subtle touch

 露臺 by Tru Interiors, 鄉村風
Tru Interiors

Outdoor covered patio

Tru Interiors

4. Simply add a chair and enjoy the fresh air and warm rays

5. Decorate the walls just as you would indoors

6. Add a stylish and portable egg chair to the patio for a comfortable spot to rest

7. Recover your patio furniture with some funky and bright material




8. Build a pond and add some bright and colourful fish

9. Add a sun lounger or two for a space to soak up the sun

10. Browse antique stores for some gorgeous cages that can be turned into lanterns

 露臺 by Tru Interiors, 鄉村風
Tru Interiors

Outdoor covered Patio

Tru Interiors

11. Shape your trees into a funky shape for an original garden

12. Use sand to create a simple yet effective zen garden

13. Put colourful blankets on your outdoor chairs for functionality and comfort

14. Build your own thatch hut for a separate outdoor living space

 庭院 by Cintsa Thatching & Roofing, 田園風
Cintsa Thatching & Roofing

Thatch Lapa with built in Braai & Tiling

Cintsa Thatching & Roofing

15. Put trellises on the wall for a classic form of decor

 庭院 by Oxford Trellis, 古典風 鐵/鋼
Oxford Trellis


Oxford Trellis

16. Build a bench into the patio for a comfortable yet simple seating spot

17. Wine crates can be recycled for a table or chairs

 露臺 by homify, 鄉村風

18. Put some funky stools on your terrace to create a casual bar area

 露臺 by homify, 現代風

19. Add a stone wall for rustic texture and tone

20. Install planters on your wall for a refreshing vertical garden

21. Install a glass roof so that your outdoor area can be used in all weather conditions

22. Use lighting to illuminate the details of your garden

 露臺 by homify, 現代風

23. Install a fan in the ceiling to create a cool environment in the warm summer months

24. Use bamboo sticks to create a unique, earthy and stylish fence

 庭院 by Taffin, 日式風、東方風
 房子 by Casas inHAUS, 現代風