​The Pretoria house that has it all


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​The Pretoria house that has it all

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
 房子 by Studious Architects, 現代風
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From expert architectural firm Studious Architects in Centurion, Pretoria, comes a modern creation that seems to have it all: landscape/bushveld views, spacious rooms, eye-catching materials adorning its façade, a firm commitment to fresh touches via the gardens/lawns, and, of course, a back yard highly bent on socialising and entertaining.

And although this house has not been constructed just yet, the 3D renderings of its design are more than enough to inform us of its layout – and style.

Let’s check out this delightful creation, nicknamed ‘The Hills’ by its creators.

An eye-catching look

Like a glittering oasis, the house makes its presence known among the lush shrubs and trees surrounding it. And even though it’s of the modern design, we really admire the rustic-like touches of the materials used for the façade, like wood, stone and zinc.

So spacious

Thanks to this aerial view of the house, we can definitely say that its layout flaunts a most spacious look. With various volumes protruding out from one another, forming hallways, rooms, terraces and patios in the process (as well as one charming courtyard), it is actually the house’s garage area which stands out the most – notice the stone-clad floor resembling elongated stepping stones conjuring up a striking driveway.

The beautiful back yard

Now this looks like the real spot for some exterior entertaining. All the winning elements seem to be included here: a swimming pool, a wooden deck, adequate space for both young and old to enjoy themselves, a striking fire pit, ample seating opportunities, as well as two loungers on which one can really relish the South African sun in style.

A glowing vision

We close off our quick tour with a side look at the back yard, only this time we get to catch a little glimpse of the lit-up interiors. 

Notice how strikingly the house opens up to the outside, thanks to multiple sliding doors and glass windows, allowing the inhabitants to enjoy the lush views and fresh ambience from inside the house as well. 

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