A Premier Home for a Capital City


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A Premier Home for a Capital City

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Two Houses, St John's Wood 根據 KSR Architects 古典風
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Found on one of London's most exclusive roads and in a highly sought after borough, this is just one of two properties that have been created and specifically aimed at the top end residential market. We are sure you can already see that, but just wait until you get a closer look at some of the featured details and innovations!

The palatial house has a large basement that comes complete with a swimming pool, gym, media centre, underground garage and staff accommodation. You might be raising an eyebrow and wondering why staff quarters would be necessary but with eight suites, each fully kitted out with smart technology, it's unlikely that the owners would be keen to undertake the maintenance duties themselves!

Let's take a look at this stupendously impressive home and see if you are inspired by any of the finishing touches.

First impressions

KSR Architects | Two Houses | Front facade 根據 KSR Architects 古典風
KSR Architects

KSR Architects | Two Houses | Front facade

KSR Architects

Regardless of where this house is situated, it would be a truly breathtaking home that stunned passers by and brought about more than a little jealousy, but when you remember that this is to be found in one of the most expensive and exclusive boroughs of London, you start to get a feel for exactly how high-end it is!

The perfect symmetry of the frontage is lovely and adds even more gravitas to this stunning project from KSR Architects. Both modern and classic in style, it offers a warm embrace but with a stern smile that makes it clear that only invited guests are welcome.

Beautiful rear face

KSR Architects | Two Houses | Rear facade 根據 KSR Architects 古典風
KSR Architects

KSR Architects | Two Houses | Rear facade

KSR Architects

As you would expect, the rear of the property doesn't disappoint whatsoever and only seeks to further bolster the impressive style and finish to the front. Again, the perfect symmetry magnifies the crisp edges and attention to detail that permeates every facet of this build and with perfectly manicured gardens, the overall impression is of tasteful opulence.

That really is the key here. Tasteful features prevent this home from becoming too over the top or extravagant, but we haven't seen inside yet, so let's take a look!

Now that's a living room

KSR Architects | Two Houses | Living room 根據 KSR Architects 古典風
KSR Architects

KSR Architects | Two Houses | Living room

KSR Architects

It almost seems underwhelming to refer to this gargantuan space as a living room when clearly it is an enormous salon! Though open plan, it has been cleverly split into two through the use of linear and circular sofas, as well as split carpets.

We like the relatively classic decor style, as it adds a sense of authority and gravitas that a trendy or more modern feel may have lacked. Instead, this feels suitably grown up enough to work with the stature of the house, rather than falling into its shadow.

A splendid study

KSR Architects | Two Houses | Study 根據 KSR Architects 古典風
KSR Architects

KSR Architects | Two Houses | Study

KSR Architects

Reminiscent of studies of old, don't you just love the use of wall to wall and floor to ceiling rich dark wood here? Add an open fire, mahogany desk and some suede tub chairs and all of a sudden, this study is more luxurious than our living room!

With a defined sense of purpose, this room makes it clear that business is the main order of the day and lends a quiet but firm focus. We are falling more in love with this house at every turn and really enjoy the use of traditional decor inclusions, such as the ornate cornices.

The wine room

KSR Architects | Two Houses | Wine cellar 根據 KSR Architects 古典風
KSR Architects

KSR Architects | Two Houses | Wine cellar

KSR Architects

We can't tell if this is a fully kitted out wine bar, enormous wine cellar or a fabulous combination of the two, but either way, we like it! Literally no space has been left to chance or at the mercy of sub-par finishes, so it comes as no surprise that the wine cellar has been given the full marble treatment. 

Integrated fridges and custom wall racking are all in place to ensure that consumables are kept at the optimum temperature and we just know that this room will have smart technology in place to ensure that remote climate control is possible. Wow!

Going up

KSR Architects | Two Houses | Car lift 根據 KSR Architects 古典風
KSR Architects

KSR Architects | Two Houses | Car lift

KSR Architects

When your home has an underground garage, it's so last decade to have an underground entrance. Instead, why not opt for something a little more extravagant and secure, like this car lift? We are not surprised that this has been installed in such a palatial property and we think it brings a much needed sense of fun and whimsy. Even the most upmarket homes in the world can feel too stuffy if they aren't careful, so we love how this London build has managed to sidestep that.

Do you love reading about million pound projects? Take a look at this Ideabook: Former London Pub Becomes a Dream House. We think you'll be astonished by the rooftop!

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