Small bathrooms: 5 common problems solved


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Small bathrooms: 5 common problems solved

Leigh Leigh
 浴室 by Human Voice Architects, 現代風
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Just because your bathroom is small doesn't meant that it shouldn't be functional and savvy. It should also contain just a touch of luxury, ensuring that you feel like royalty every time you step out of the shower.

So how do we deal with the common problems of small bathrooms? Today on homify, we will find out!

This article will show you all of the tips and tricks when it comes to a small bathroom, proving to you just how impressive this little space can be!

Shall we take a look?

1. Soft colours

Small bathrooms can end up looking quite dark and dingy, which is why it's so important that you invest in soft colours and light tones. This will open the space up and make it seem much bigger than it is.

Don't you love the pale green and yellow tones here?

2. Create a focal point

 浴室 by LEIVARS, 現代風



Use your flooring to distract from the small of your bathroom, creating patterned floors or bold colour combinations.

In this bathroom by designers LEIVARS, we can see just how well this works with neutral walls.

Tip: Don't compromise on functionality even if your bathroom is small. Add a cosy chair to the corner of the room or a big tub, ensuring this space is as lavish as it is useful!

3. Choose a tub or a shower

 國家  by Target Tiles, 鄉村風
Target Tiles

Daisy Chain

Target Tiles

Squashing a tub and a shower into a small bathroom can make the environment feel very cramped and crowded. We suggest choosing one on the other or opting for a tub with a shower head, which can be used for both.

If you prefer a bubble bath over a shower, you'll love these 10 freestanding bathtubs that wow.

4. Get rid of the shower doors

The shower doors can end up taking up more space than the shower itself when opened, making the flow of movement in your bathroom quite restricted.

This is why we suggest getting rid of the shower doors and opting for a shower curtain instead. Not only can it add quite a romantic touch to the bathroom but it is space-efficient too!

5. If you prefer darker tones

Darker colours can be used in a small bathroom, as long as you have enough artificial light to illuminate every corner. You don't want this space to look like a cave!

We also suggest adding a beautiful piece of artwork to the bathroom so that it becomes the focal point of the environment. You won't even notice how small the bathroom is!

Also have a look at these brilliant, beautiful bathroom trends for inspiration.

 房子 by Casas inHAUS, 現代風