How to design your garden if you're stuck on a slope


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How to design your garden if you're stuck on a slope

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If you're fed up of seeing terrific garden ideas that simply won't work for you because your outdoor space is a hilly nightmare to deal with, hold tight, as we have some great advice for you, right here! 

Any professional gardener knows that a sloped garden can be a bugbear, but if you follow these tips, you'll have a show-quality garden in no time and you'll soon see that a hilly terrain can actually work in your favour!

1. Be accurate about the space.

Before you do anything, take an objective look at your space and take accurate measurements. You don't need to know the gradient of your garden, but the size IS something you need to know well in advance of a project.

2. Prevent slippage with stone walls.

Sloped gardens are prone to slippage, which is why natural stone walls will not only be a pretty addition, but also a practical one. Use them to bolster precarious beds and areas!

3. Use flowers for ground cover.

You can't have a garden without flowers and if you are keen to give your sloped garden a little camouflage, ground-covering blooms are the way to go. Look out for alpine varieties that naturally love a strange terrain!

4. Add grasses for hard to cover areas.

For those hard to cover spots of hilly earth, long grasses are absolutely going to become your new best friend. You can trim them to give the appearance of a flatter garden, if you so wish, or leave them good and long for an optical illusion effect!

5. Take inspiration from Japan.

Japanese gardens always seem to be calm and stylish, regardless of the terrain they are subjected to, which is why you can take some serious pointers from them. Simple shingle and natural materials make light work of hiding hilly spaces!

6. Make the terrain a feature.

Have you considered not hiding the sloping nature of your garden at all? A rockery style of garden will amplify the hilly nature and make it look like a full-on deliberate decision! Hiding in plain sight is a genius idea!

7. Embrace waterfalls.

What features are predisposed to loving sloping surfaces? Water features! You could be in the fortunate position of being able to create an amazing waterfall installation, without any of the hassle of having to create a slope, as it's already there!

8. Consider a wild meadow look.

If you want a low-maintenance sloped garden, a wild meadow is perfect! Scatter some wild seeds and simply let nature take its course and you'll have what looks like rolling meadows in your back garden in no time!

9. Add a safe set of stairs.

Naturally, you need to be able to move around your garden, so always find a suitable spot for some stable and safe-to-use stairs. If you garden is really steep, you might want to consider a handrail as well.

10. Include seating!

Last,but not least, take advantage of all those levels and platforms that a slopped garden can offer by placing seating in various spots. You'll get to drink in the views, have a rest as you traverse the area and they just look great!

For more garden tips, take a look at this Ideabook: What's your garden style?

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