This 1950s house gets a beautiful new look


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This 1950s house gets a beautiful new look

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
 餐廳 by FH-Architektur, 古典風
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They’re found everywhere, regardless of location – beautiful old houses that, once upon a time, used to flaunt a striking and quite stylish look, yet today look haggard and way past their heydays. 

That is exactly the reason for our ‘before and after’ segments here on homify – to share with you the beauty of a successful renovation, and what it can mean for an outdated house that just needs some new paint and floor tiles (or, in other cases, a complete overhaul) to give it a second chance in life.

Today’s magical makeover comes to us from Fh-Architektur, who oversaw the stunning conversion of a town villa straight out of the 1950s.

Before: Spacious, but not stylish

The potential is there, and so is the space, yet the colours and materials are not what one would expect from a modern house. And even though we on homify are crazy about wooden floors, this particular living room’s flooring just wasn’t up to scratch.

After: Lovin’ that living room

What a stylish change – much more befitting for the modern space of today, wouldn’t you agree? 

The classic, modern and rustic styles balance each other out beautifully, resulting in an eclectic space that looks most welcoming and serene.

Work in progress: Demolishing

It’s not surprising to see walls being torn down and rooms being opened up during a renovation. In this particular case, the dining room and kitchen needed to become an open-plan room to allow for a more spacious and fluid layout – it was just that pesky wall that stood in the way…

After: The new culinary spot

Now isn’t this much more user-friendly? The cook gets to finalise the last touches on that supreme meal in the kitchen while being kept company by the guests at the dining room table – while nobody has to move from their respective spots.

Loving that dusty-hued timber flooring, which gets balanced out quite beautifully in the wooden dining table, as well as the trim in the ceiling. 

Need a designer or painter? How about a tiler or lighting expert? Our list of professionals can help you out…

Before: The front façade

But what did the house look like on the outside before all this makeover business? Quite old-fashioned, we’d say! Like the interiors, the potential was there, it just needed a little TLC.

And like they say, if you’re going to do something, you might as well do a decent job.

After: The front façade

Simply miraculous! This new façade looks so neat and welcoming!

In addition to some new paint, the house also flaunts new window shutters, a new look for the balcony, as well as a new style for the entrance on the right. 

Kudos to the design team for bringing their A-game and delivering a simply scrumptious job!

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 房子 by Casas inHAUS, 現代風