The London penthouse you'd love to own!


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The London penthouse you'd love to own!

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現代  by Studio 29 Architects ltd, 現代風
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We do love seeing what interior designers have been up to over in Britain and today, we are going to show you a fantastic luxury penthouse apartment in the Royal Borough of Chelsea, one of London's most exclusive areas! While this isn't a huge property, the interior living spaces have been opened up in a bid to improve social potential and the decor is simply stunning. There has clearly been no skimping on the opulent materials and sophisticated color choices here, but don't just take our word for it! If you love all things British, then come with us now as we take a look around this stunning apartment!

Sunny and spectacular!

現代  by Studio 29 Architects ltd, 現代風 羊毛 Orange
Studio 29 Architects ltd

View of bay window and new sofa

Studio 29 Architects ltd

Is it just us, or this the epitome of the class and sophistication that British homes stereotypically exude? Muted tones, a large bay window and a real focus on eye-catching, statement pieces of furniture have made for  a sleek and understated, yet undeniably luxurious living room. The sofa is amazing, but the fireplace deserves some attention too! 

Marvellous marble.

On first glance, this room could have looked really simple, but when you notice that the fireplace is surrounded by marble, it becomes clear that a simple finish can be an expensive one! The amber veining throughout this marble has added such warmth and opulence and creates an effortless focal point.

Heavenly hallway.

This isn't a large hallway, but it has style and charm far beyond its proportions! Mirrored storage doors help to create the impression of a far larger area and with a large window in place, the flow of natural light helps to maximize the airy and fresh feeling. We really love the extra step of installing a luxury armchair as well, because not everybody would!

So well designed.

View of kitchen area including island 現代廚房設計點子、靈感&圖片 根據 Studio 29 Architects ltd 現代風 金屬
Studio 29 Architects ltd

View of kitchen area including island

Studio 29 Architects ltd

In a small home, there can be a tendency for practical areas to suffer, but that hasn't happened here at all! By using a kitchen island as a dining area as well, maximum usability has been ensured, without sacrificing too much floor space and let's be honest; who doesn't love a galley kitchen? It's shocking how much storage has been included here, especially when you consider how 'barely there' it looks, thanks to the perfect color choice. 

Hidden treasures.

Now this is the kind of luxury bedroom we would expect to find in an exclusive London postcode! A stylish bed makes for an ideal focal point, but there are other aspects to this space that make it so special! By hanging the curtains high, the room feels far taller and the beige wall isn't just decorative! Those wall panels are actually doors, which open up to reveal all the storage you'd need in a master bedroom! 

Beautifully coordinated!

Don;t you just love the way these wall tiles really emulate the storage panels in the bedroom? By making the en-suite so cohesive, there is a natural flow between the rooms and we have GOT to take a moment over that sink! Unusual, contemporary and every inch as luxurious as the rest of the apartment, this bathroom is the icing on the (very British) cake!

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現代房屋設計點子、靈感 & 圖片 根據 Casas inHAUS 現代風