A Home in the Forest with Increased Energy Efficiency


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A Home in the Forest with Increased Energy Efficiency

Lily Cichanowicz Lily Cichanowicz
根據 homify 北歐風
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Today, awareness is increasing about the importance of minding the environmental impacts our food, clothing and even our homes have with a goal of decreasing the harm our way of life does to the earth and our health. That is why the architects of Oyu Avon (OUA) have constructed this home. Its interior is fitted with solar panelling and a cooling system. To minimise loss of heat, they installed walls with a double-insulated exterior. The benefits of increased energy efficiency brought about from this form of insulation are many. For one, the home stays at a constant temperature from corner to corner. The home’s location in the mountains has brought with is many lovely features. The surrounding nature has created a beautiful space to reflect and take in the fresh air.  This is another way when connection to the natural surroundings and the health of the family is taken into account in this design. In addition to the insulation there is still good ventilation from the large windows installed throughout the home. The home’s style of design is heavily influenced by European interiors. Come with us as we tour this marvellous home.

Forest home

根據 homify 北歐風

The home is situated amid the mountains, and their jagged peaks can be viewed on the horizon. The unique roof design came at the request of the owners so as not to create too much shade on the lawn. This is because the owners hope to cultivate a sunny garden at the side of the home. Still, the home’s structure provides privacy from the surrounding block. Therefore, in actuality the roof has created both sunlight and shade depending on your orientation to it.

At the entrance

根據 homify 北歐風

There is an elaborate passageway leading up to the entrance of the home. The wooden materials used in the entryway give it a vintage feel that brings emotion to the home in a way that helps to cultivate its pervading ambiance. After passing a small garden, wood stairs lead up to the deck, which contains a table for dining al fresco. To the left of the table is the main entrance into the home that opens to the living room.

Brick exterior

根據 homify 地中海風

The bricks add a welcome element of colour to the natural surrounding. The adobe bricks also play an integral role in the insulation system. It was not easy to create a double layer brick exterior with the necessary precision. On a more superficial level, the brick gives the home a romantic look amid the vegetation.

European style living room

根據 homify 北歐風

Facing the south, there is a sunny living room. The room consists of several large windows, and it has notably high ceilings. These elements give it the feel of entering an old European home. The ceiling’s interior is made of wood panelling, which is intended to add to the exotic atmosphere of the space. The windows also bring a touch of Chinese elegance through their bright white wooden frames.

Scandinavian kitchen

根據 homify 北歐風

The design for the kitchen was created with the idea in mind that the home needed a central place for the family to gather as this was something that was important to the owners of the home. Therefore, an open plan was used connected the living room and kitchen together with the kitchen island used as a point of definition between the two spaces. There is enough space here for the family to cook together. The white wooden panelling and vintage vintage chairs have a charming effect. It goes well with the white paint and countertops that make the kitchen look Scandinavian in style.

A library corridor

斯堪的納維亞風格的走廊,走廊和樓梯 根據 homify 北歐風

On the second floor, each room is connected through this central hallway. There are built-in shelves and cupboards for storage. The aim here was to make books readily accessible in this transitional space. The white walls go nicely with the wood floor and bookcase in the sunlight.

Attic turned up towards the sky

根據 homify 北歐風

The attic was designed for a variety of functions. It has an urban feel to it. The top floor also opens out to a perforated sky terrace. Especially in the spring and autumn, this makes for a wonderful spot to take in the crisp mountain air. It also provides a lovely gateway to views of the surrounding forest.

Idyllic terrace

根據 homify 北歐風

Seated on this terrace, one can take in the views of nature and the skyline. The curved, black metal railing adds a sense of Mediterranean romanticism. A company that designs products for resorts as well as bed and breakfasts is responsible for this railing’s design. This is an ideal spot for reflecting, clearing the mind, and invigorating the body.

And finally, the garden

根據 homify 地中海風

The lovely garden is dotted with stepping stoned amid trim, green grass. The wooden deck that resides between the home itself and the garden was installed with a decorative fence and soft light fixtures. On evenings, the atmosphere of the space thickens with memories of the unforgettable times spent here with family and friends.

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