The modern home you'll want to copy (right now)


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The modern home you'll want to copy (right now)

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
{:asian=>"亞洲", :classic=>"經典", :colonial=>"殖民", :country=>" 國家", :eclectic=>"不拘一格", :industrial=>"產業", :mediterranean=>"地中海", :minimalist=>"極簡主義", :modern=>"現代", :rustic=>"鄉村", :scandinavian=>"斯堪的納維亞", :tropical=>"熱帶"}  by PHU Bortnowski,
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Not many people realise the importance of front façades or entrances. They think once you lay down a ‘welcome’ mat, your job is done. Sadness.

Today’s homify 360° highlight aims to teach us a lesson or two about front façades, especially the space where your front door is located, and how the right touches in terms of materials, colours and patterns can result in a most stylish (and welcoming) look.

Welcome, welcome!

What a charming little house! Decked out in the modern style, this abode can fit quite easily into a suburban neighbourhood filled with green gardens and white picket fences.

Now, focus on that area of the front door. In all honesty, do you really think this house would have looked half as charming and striking had those warm-hued, timber panels not been added to the façade? 

And just see how beautifully the wood contrasts with the brick floor, as well as the roof tiles. A picture-perfect combination in terms of texture!

Terrific texture

Wood has always been a tried-and-tested material, regardless of space or style. See how easily it blends in with this modern-styled house, adding some rich colours and texture to ensure visual detail.

On the other hand, that wood could have easily added a raw look, which would have looked simply scrumptious for a rustic-styled space.

Knock, knock

As far as front doors go, we have an entire world of choices – which can make it quite hard to pick the right one, if you think about it. 

Fortunately, this house has no qualms about standing out for the wrong reasons, as that timber front door (in a caramel colour that perfectly complements the surrounding wooden panels, and glass slits to enhance the modern style) seems to be the ideal choice. 

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