The ultimate country home full of hidden treasures


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The ultimate country home full of hidden treasures

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
 房子 by das holzhaus Oliver Schattat GmbH, 田園風
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There is just something exquisitely charming about a wooden country house. Relaxing by the fireplace, sipping on hot chocolate (or red wine), listening to rainfall/wind/snow transforming the landscape outside while you’re as snug as a bug inside – yup, that’s the dream of many people worldwide.

If this sounds like paradise to you, then feel free to continue dreaming after viewing these images of a delightful wooden cabinet in the middle of a mountainous/forested landscape. 

And of course the interiors present all the required spaces, amenities and stylish touches to ensure the best (and most relaxing) time ever…

So rich in charms

Raw stone, timber panels, lush grass and plants – three of the best textured surfaces one could possibly hope for, let alone combine to colour in a house’s façade! 

All that’s missing is a snowy landscape and a thick cloud of smoke seeping out through that chimney, speaking of a delightfully cosy time being enjoyed on the inside.

Speaking of the inside…

Cosy, yet spacious

Does this interior setting present all the required touches or what? 

A tiled floor offsets perfectly with the timber walls and ceilings, both of which ensure a raw and natural look which complements that lush landscape outside. For optimum relaxation, we have a choice of various lounging spots to choose from.

Generous glass doors ensure we get a picture-perfect view of the surroundings, while the shabby-chic décor pieces are the ideal touches one would expect from a stylish-yet-very-charming house in the mountains/forest.

A tad of colour for the bedroom

Say what you will about neutral colours, but they certainly know how to style up a space in terms of elegance, rustic glamour or visual spaciousness. However, every now and again, one wants a hint of colour, doesn’t one?

How about this bedroom’s vibrant (and patterned) linen to contrast with the surrounding neutrals, yet not completely overthrow the colour palette? Pure perfection, we’d say!

A most unique bathroom

What better way to celebrate a rural setting by having your bathroom (the most private room in the house) flaunt such a… well, rural look? With enough imagination, you can definitely imagine you’ve just emerged from a natural pond in the mountains and are currently washing your hands in a mountain stream flowing down a rock. 

A most precious discovery in a fabulous location – definitely one of our all-time favourites! 

Speaking of dreamy settings, treat yourself to The Idyllic Mountain Escape.

 房子 by Casas inHAUS, 現代風