27 Amazing ideas for exterior facades


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27 Amazing ideas for exterior facades

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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Designing an exterior facade for an Indian home can require a lot of effort especially if you're looking for something different. Although you can find various facade designs online but to give you an idea of the best out of them all here are 27 pictures that you can use as a reference.

1. Metal railings

Installing metal railings on your balcony can also act as an exterior facade as they add a touch of richness to the house.

2. Barn style fence

 房子 by homify, 田園風

If you want to add a rustic charm to your house then using similar looking barn style fence is highly recommended.

2. Transparent fiber fence

If you do not want to block your exterior view then opting for transparent fiber partitions or barriers like these can also be an excellent choice.

3. Compound walls

 房子 by homify, 鄉村風

Incorporating different designs in your main compound walls is another alternative that you can use as a facade.

4. White fence

 房子 by homify, 鄉村風

For those of you who loves modern designs installing an entirely white fence is an excellent way to make your house look good.

5. Stone wall

 房子 by homify, 鄉村風

If you want a facade that not only looks good but is also durable for your Indian home than opting for stone as the construction material is a must.

6. Electric doors

 房子 by homify, 鄉村風

These electric doors are not only convenient to maneuver, but they also add a touch of grandness to your exterior.

7. Patterned wall

 房子 by homify, 鄉村風

While creating your main walls, you can add different patterns so that it stands out from the rest of the design.

8. Blind-style fence

 房子 by homify, 鄉村風

If you want a little more privacy but still do not want to compromise with the entire outdoor view then using similar looking blind style fences is also a good option.

9. Wooden facade

 房子 by homify, 現代風

For those of you who want to own a natural looking house including wooden fences can be an excellent idea.

10. Concrete walkway

Indian looking exterior walkways can also be used as a facade especially if they are made of interlocking concrete tiles.

11. Covered exterior

To give your exterior a unique touch, you can try covering the open areas with false ceilings.

12. Walkway with plants

By laying out plants on either side of your walkway, you can achieve beautiful looking facade naturally.

13. Illuminated focal wall

If you want your exteriors to look good even at night then installing light fixtures to highlight the focal wall is something that you must try.

14. Contrasting colour facade

 房子 by homify, 現代風

Using two contrasting colours together while creating your exterior facade can also be worth a shot. This will also help highlight different areas of the building.

15. Red brick facade

 房子 by homify, 熱帶風

If you want a cost efficient option for creating your exterior facade which also looks Indian then using red bricks is advised.

16. Wall of windows

 房子 by homify, 現代風

Installing windows in your house can make it look like a well planed exterior facade. This is one of the simplest ways of creating a unique look for indoors as well as outdoors.

17. Flower beds

Lining your outer walls with flower beds can also act as a beautiful looking facade.

18. Thatched roof

Building an Indian-style thatched roof for your home is also another way of creating your exterior facade with minimum expenditure. 

19. Multiple materials

Combining two or three materials together like seen in the picture is another option for creating an amazing looking house exterior.

21. Creepers

If you want a low maintenance option for creating your exterior facade then lining the house with creepers is also the perfect choice.

22. Iron main gate

Opting for Victorian style iron gates is something that everyone should try if they are looking to create a regal exterior facade.

23. Tiles focal wall

Creating an exterior focal wall and lining it with designer tiles can also help you create your desired facade

24. Small garden

By incorporating a small garden in front of your house, you will not only uplift the vibe of the place but will also give it a natural touch.

25. Floor to ceiling window

 房子 by homify, 現代風

Installing floor to ceiling windows in your house is the best way to transform your exteriors with minimum possible changes. 

26. Slanting roof

Slanting roofs are one of the most trending design options that are currently being used to create a beautiful looking exterior facade.

27. Elevated entrance

Last but not the least by elevating the ground of your exteriors and lining them up with cement bricks you can create a rustic style layout for yourself.

See our ideabooks for more designs. 

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