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The ultimate guide to painting your home's exterior

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There's no point treating yourself to a stunning home, if you're not going to maintain it and one of the biggest, but most necessary chores, is keeping the exterior suitably painted or protected! Ask any professional painter an they'll tell you that there are a number of things to take into consideration before you embark on a façade refresh and we don't want you to go into a large project half-cocked, so come with us now as we give you the inside scoop! Don;t forget that this really is a vital maintenance undertaking, as a pretty front garden can only overshadow a limited number of sins!


Before you start thinking about painting your home's exterior, you need to be sensible and think about the costs involved. Not only do you need to consider materials and professional services, if you are going to hire someone to do the job for you, as the size of your home will have a HUGE impact on how much you spend. A two-storey home will cost infinitely more than a single-storey, for example.

Different textures.

Modern design with panel siding. Linwood Green Homes 現代房屋設計點子、靈感 & 圖片 水泥 Grey
Linwood Green Homes

Modern design with panel siding.

Linwood Green Homes

The materials that cover your façade will have a big impact on how much you have to spend to repaint them, so let's take a look at a few options and what they involve!

Concrete might seem like it would be a simple material to repaint, but you need to be focussing on the preparation involved. Does your home come into contact with a lot of direct sunlight? Then concrete sealants and primers will be a must! 

Sand and prime

It's no secret that wooden exteriors need a lot of looking after, but don't skimp on the sanding and priming! You can't simply slap another coat of paint on and hope that it will camouflage flaky finishes! You'll also need to think about whether a paint or stain would be best for you.

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Bricks are a common building material that will need to be thought about thoroughly before painting, as extensive cleaning and priming WILL be needed. A tried and tested way to paint bricks evenly is to use a paint sprayer, as it will get into every nook and cranny with ease.

Have a look at a lovely brick home, here:…


Vinyl is such a versatile façade material, offering you the look of lovely wood, but with a little less upkeep, but there will still be some maintenance necessary! Easy and quick to paint, not to mention cost-effective, vinyl will need cleaning regularly in order to maintain the good finish, or you could find yourself repainting more than you'd like!


Stucco is thicker than most other wall coverings, which can automatically mean more prep! The downside here is that stucco tends to deteriorate faster than many other façade materials, which means that you need to clean and paint it very carefully, in order to prolong the lifespan. 

Don't be put off stucco! See how good it looks, here:…


Handsart Residence Exterior Unit 7 Architecture 現代房屋設計點子、靈感 & 圖片
Unit 7 Architecture

Handsart Residence Exterior

Unit 7 Architecture

Metal is simple to paint, but needs a thorough cleaning and de-greasing before you tackle it, as any residue will affect how smooth and even your paint is. Be on the look out for damage as well, as even a small chip or patch of rust can spread quickly and negate all your hard work.

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Preparation techniques.

Power washers are a go-to way to clean a house, regardless of the façade materials in place, as you can adjust the strength of the water jet and really get into all those little crevices. You can hire power washers, or even buy one, as they are reasonably-priced these days!

When your cleaning is done, don't reach for a paintbrush until you've checked all your caulk! If you are going to repaint your home, it's a good time to actually freshen up all your seals and caulk, as you won't have to do it again for a few years. It will also make sure that no paint seeps into your interior!

Don't forget the trims!

When you're finished and loving the results, turn your attention to any extra trims or accessories that could do with a freshen up as well. We're talking about bannisters, porches and all those fabulous little touches you've added over the years. Trust us; your efforts will be worth it!

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