Trending now: 13 South African bedroom designs


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Trending now: 13 South African bedroom designs

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
根據 Carne Interiors 古典風
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Your bedroom is a peaceful escape from the world of work and family drama, which is why it is vital to think of decor that will enhance a serene and calm state of mind. The 13 South African bedrooms included in this homify will surely inspire you to do just that. But, it's also important to think of including ideas that are related to your personality, whether it be a vibrant colour, perhaps some accessories or even the quirky. Let's be inspired to create a sensational yet perfect space to suit your needs.

1. The attic conversion

Use your rafters as part of the decor and create a luxurious and comfortable master bedroom in the attic.

2. Symmetry

Classic Bedroom Interior 根據 Carne Interiors 古典風
Carne Interiors

Classic Bedroom Interior

Carne Interiors

Symmetry is imperative in all forms of decor, and here we can see just how stylish it looks when either side mirrors the other. 

3. Wallpaper

Grey-scale Luxury 根據 Carne Interiors 古典風
Carne Interiors

Grey-scale Luxury

Carne Interiors

Decorate only one wall with some chic wallpaper and your bedroom will have an enchanting atmosphere.

4. Neutral elements

根據 homify 現代風

It's amazing what neutral shades can do to the mind, body and soul.

5. The full suite

A large bedroom means you can include a lot more features to take up the space. Add a TV and comfy sofa, but don't forget some opulent bed linen for a comfortable night sleep.

6. Natural light

Brilliant sunshine with warm up the room in the morning, just in time to wake you up for work.

7. White

Keep your space trendy and tasteful with these all-white cabinets and bed linens.


A wooden bed is simple and rustic… the perfect fit for a home filled with character.

9. Filled with light

A room with a view will always have a relaxing aspect.

10. Pretty

Pretty details, colour and furniture will essentially create an eye-catching effect in a home with contemporary style.

11. Mediterranean magic

De Kelders Residence Hermanus Western Cape 根據 CS DESIGN 現代風

De Kelders Residence Hermanus Western Cape


Hues of sea green are great for a Mediterranean inspired decor.

12. Shabby chic

In a small upmarket apartment, you may want to opt for some shabby chic furniture with pastel shades for striking charm.

13. Eclectic

The monochrome rug with this dark grey decor is no doubt eclectic. How about these 11 secrets: how to get your perfect bedroom (low cost!)?

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