How to effectively clean your house in under an hour


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How to effectively clean your house in under an hour

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If we told you that it is perfectly possible to get your home clean and sparkling in just one hour, you'd want to know how, right? Well, we are going to tell you! Ask any professional cleaner and they'll tell you that the secret to a perpetually clean home is to do little and often, but alongside that, there are a few tasks you can complete that will really tip your home into the upper echelons of cleanliness! For a dazzling bathroom, fresh bedroom and fantastic kitchen, amongst other things, come with us now and enjoy some fabulous tips!

1. Be realistic!

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First things first, stand back and think about what actually needs doing and don't try to tackle anything too adventurous in an hour! Don't stretch yourself beyond your capabilities and really prioritise things properly, or you'll be disappointed in your efforts!

2. Reset all of your rooms.

Here's a preliminary step that you can be taking all along! Instead of leaving all of your rooms in a mess every day, take five minutes at the end of an evening to just reset your spaces. This means plumping up your sofa cushions, placing your remotes where they can't get lost and just giving everywhere a cursory tidy before you go to bed. Trust us, this will make your life a lot easier!

3. Dust first, then vacuum.

When you get cracking on your hour-long cleaning session, start with your dusting. be thorough, but quick and then follow up with a good vacuuming session, to snaffle up all the debris that you've loosened up. you definitely don't want to carry out these steps the other way around!

4. Get your linens in the wash.

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This will only take you a few seconds! Throw your dirty bed linen in the wash and crack on with other things before popping on a clean set of bedding. We all know how wonderful clean sheets feel, especially at the end of a long day and a cleaning sesh!

5. Clean as you go in the kitchen.

Don't ever leave your kitchen in a huge mess! If you get in the habit of cleaning as you go, all you'll need to really tackle is a thorough countertop wipe down , a sink de-grease and a hob wash! How easy! Oh and don't forget to replace your sponges regularly!

6. Give the bath a good wipe.

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If you don't have much time to spend on cleaning your bathroom, tackle the most important jobs, such as a toilet scrub, a little disinfectant and a really good bath wipe! White vinegar is the best tool for the job as it even gets rid of pesky water marks.

7. Ventilate properly.

Finally, be sure to throw open as many windows as possible, while you go about your other cleaning tasks. You won't believe what a huge difference a good gust of fresh air makes to your home, as it will banish any stale smells, loosen up dust and make your home look brand spanking new in seconds! 

For more cleaning tips, take a look at this Ideabook: Clever home cleaning tips.

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