​An Essex couple got their dream garden room for £41k


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​An Essex couple got their dream garden room for £41k

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 庭院 by homify, 現代風
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What's your idea of a dream garden? What would it entail? A duck pond surrounded by roses? A stone-clad footpath leading towards a café-style table with chairs? Well, for the clients of today’s homify 360° discovery, their dream garden consisted of a stand-alone extension that offered up more indoor space apart from their existing house.

Essex-based Hudson Garden Rooms are the experts in charge of this 7m x 4m gem, which worked out to £41,000. Let’s take a look…

There she stands

 庭院 by homify, 現代風 木頭 Wood effect

Billericay Build


Ah, what perfect contrast: warm wood with dark-toned metal, as well as crystal-clear glass – and, of course, lush greens in the background.

But colours aside, just notice the fabulous texture that the wooden panels bring to this structure, almost as if this little build was meant to be placed in a lush garden such as this.

Whether it’s an extension, a full-on renovation or just some spruce-ups at home, have a look at our list of professionals who can help you out.

So much space

 庭院 by homify, 現代風 木頭 Wood effect

But a structure such as this is about so much more than looking pretty. Simply zig-zag those folding doors out of the way and watch how the interiors become one (literally) with the outdoors, eliminating all fears of being stuck in a cramped and crowded garden room. 

And can you notice the dazzling lighting fixtures illuminating the structure from top to bottom?

The inside spaces

 庭院 by homify, 現代風 木頭 Wood effect

On the inside, this little abode flaunts a much cleaner look in terms of colour and texture, with light neutral hues adorning everything from floor to ceiling to ensure a serene backdrop which will make any additional tones (for the furniture and décor, of course) stand out most prominently.

The inside spaces 2

 庭院 by homify, 現代風 木頭 Wood effect

And speaking of furniture and décor, how much fun would it be to dress up this indoor space?  A rug here, an L-shape sofa there, a few art pieces against the walls…  

And just think what you would use this space for! A guest bedroom? How about an art studio or your own private home office outside the home? 

So many possibilities…  

Fancy a structure such as this for yourself with a little DIYing? Ask yourself first: What do I need to know before building a garden room?

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