​A one-level Johannesburg dream house


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​A one-level Johannesburg dream house

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
根據 Seven Stars Developments
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Today’s homify 360° design comes to us from architectural firm Seven Stars Developments, who treat us to a few 3D renderings of their House Powell project.

This new residence is a single-storey design flaunting a not-too-shabby layout of 300 m², situated in the Eye of Africa Golf Estate in Johannesburg, meaning in terms of location and views, this property already gets a 10 out of 10!

The rear side

First render of garden 根據 Seven Stars Developments
Seven Stars Developments

First render of garden

Seven Stars Developments

What a neat, structured little design greets us at the back. Here, the yard enjoys a double-levelled layout while the house opens us via gigantic glass doors and windows to welcome us in wholeheartedly (and take in the amazing view of the estate, of course).

The driveway view

At the front of the house, we are greeted by an interesting combo of building materials, including stone, metal, brick and glass, each one contributing most stunningly their unique textures and patterns to beautifully adorn the façade.

And what could be more perfect than a quaint little water body to offset with all these harsh building materials?

Open relaxation

Living room viewed from covered patio 根據 Seven Stars Developments
Seven Stars Developments

Living room viewed from covered patio

Seven Stars Developments

To make the best use of the indoor space, open-plan layouts treat us to a living room, dining room and kitchen. However, don’t think for one second that this mixing and mingling leads to a cramped space, for those generous folding doors are masters at letting indoor areas and outdoor space become one with each other.

The dining area

Living space viewed from kitchen 根據 Seven Stars Developments
Seven Stars Developments

Living space viewed from kitchen

Seven Stars Developments

A timber dining table with light-hued chairs takes up residence right in-between the living room and kitchen, allowing it to share in not only the current conversation, but also those fabulous outdoor views. 

And with that light neutral colour palette adorning the entire open-plan design, this space is already well on its way to seeming (and feeling) stylishly spacious. 

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