7 simple upgrades that boost your home's value


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7 simple upgrades that boost your home's value

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Patios, Terraces and Decking 根據 Unique Landscapes 鄉村風
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When it comes to undertaking a few home improvements, you need to know the difference between the things that will add value, or just cost you money for nothing more than a cosmetic facelift. And we're here today to help you with that tricky issue! Estate agents are a great resource in terms of telling you what potential buyers are looking for in a new home, so even if you're not planning to move in the near future, why not think about tackling some of these fantastic projects so that if you ever fancy relocating, you'll get the best price for your current property? Trust us, you don't want to hurry any of these tasks, so do them now and you'll be ready for whatever the future holds!

1. Remodelling the kitchen.

Shaker kitchen by Harvey Jones 根據 Harvey Jones Kitchens 古典風
Harvey Jones Kitchens

Shaker kitchen by Harvey Jones

Harvey Jones Kitchens

As you use your kitchen, things will naturally get damaged or a little bit tatty, so always think about giving it a refresh, when you have the budget to do so! It could be as simple as swapping out your doors, which won't break  the bank but will add immense value!

2. Adding a second bathroom.

根據 homify 鄉村風

If your home only has one bathroom, it will hold limited appeal, especially for families! A second bathroom, even a super small water closet, will be a real draw and will set your home apart from those a little less practical.

3. Reinventing a space.

Taking the time to reinvent an existing space in your home is SUCH a worthwhile investment. The most common conversions are basements and lofts, as you can garner a huge amount of extra room, which can accommodate an extra bedroom and sometimes a bathroom too!

4. Adding energy efficient windows.

We know that swapping your windows out is a big project and, usually, a costly one, but the rewards will totally make it worth the expense! Not only will your home be far more energy efficient and cheaper to run, it will also look brand new, with fresh panes of glass and undamaged sills.

5. Laying some decking.

Patios, Terraces and Decking 根據 Unique Landscapes 鄉村風
Unique Landscapes

Patios, Terraces and Decking

Unique Landscapes

Your garden can be a massive selling point, but no potential buyers want to have to undertake a landscaping project as soon as they purchase a new home. With that in mind, try to add some chic decking and create a patio that is ready to use and looks modern and neat. You'd want one, wouldn't you?

6. Bolstering your insulation.

strawbale insulation 現代房屋設計點子、靈感 & 圖片 根據 allmermacke 現代風 西沙爾麻/麥草 Blue

strawbale insulation


OK, so we know that you might not be adding hay bales to your roof, but this picture was far too fun to not include and it does highlight the issue we are raising! Doubling up on your loft insulation will help to make your home a lot more energy efficient and we all know that potential buyers always look at the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate).

7. A few basic upgrades.

 國家  by Decorum Tiles, 鄉村風
Decorum Tiles


Decorum Tiles

With larger projects completed, you can turn your attention to the little cosmetic changes that actually add a lot of value to your home. Things like new tiles, freshly painted walls and a few extra storage systems really won't go amiss, but will add significant market value. We promise!

For more home buying and selling tips, take a look at this Ideabook: A step-by-step guide to buying your own home.

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