A Tranquil Home on Party Island


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A Tranquil Home on Party Island

Luke Riley Luke Riley
根據 Kabaz 隨意取材風
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In Ibiza's beautiful rural areas, the lifestyle the island offers is played out in a different fashion. Rather than the mad party and booze induced affair that most people visit Ibiza for, these rural parts take a slower pace where life and nature is best appreciated with a relaxed approach. The project we're to take a tour of today has been built with this ethos in mind. 

A genuine highlight of the home is the scenery. The drama of the arid and undulating landscape explains why the owners fell in love with the run-down home that stood before. The decision to renovate was an easy one as the former house had fallen into disrepair and was in need of some investment. The owners employed the architecture firm Kabaz, who were thrilled to take over a project with such tremendous upside. 

Come and see how they turned a run-down house into a luxurious summer escape. 

Paradise emerges

根據 Kabaz 隨意取材風

Wow! What a beautiful setting this is! What could possibly better than staying here during the summer months with such beauty and luxury at hand. We can easily imagine ourselves staying here for months on end relaxing by the stunning swimming pool with a cocktail in hand. 

In terms of layout, the newly reconfigured home is anchored to a central hub where all the communal areas are found. This communal space is directly linked to the outdoor entertainment are and forms one holistic space. 

Overlooking the landscape

根據 Kabaz 隨意取材風

A treat for those staying here is the outdoor entertainment area that comes complete with a huge swimming pool and shaded area. Although modest in size, the shaded area encourages occupants to relate to their environment by the view it provides overlooking the landscape. 

Moroccan influences

根據 Kabaz 隨意取材風

Amazingly the home can sleep up to twelve people, with each of the five grand bedrooms being as impressive as the next. Pictured is one of the master suites that employs a décor that shares both European and Moroccan influences. There's a sense of exoticness thanks to the selection of bed sheets that bring both colour and textural variety to the space. 

A place for rest

根據 Kabaz 隨意取材風

This is another one of five bedrooms that guests can choose to sleep in. We like this one in particular, with its relaxed and peaceful vibe. The bed sheeting is kept simple with the emphasis being upon the beauty of the four-poster bed and its soft and natural appeal. 

Peace found in the garden

根據 Kabaz 隨意取材風

The veranda appears to float alongside the main building, extending the entire length of the open plan bedroom. A couch decked with cushions helps to create a calm and meditative ambience and the soft lighting transforms the area into a truly relaxing space. Shelter for those chilling out here is provided by the woven timber roof, which introduces an abundance of rustic charm to the area.

One of five en suites

根據 Kabaz 隨意取材風

Inside one of five en suites found in the home, a minimalist décor creates a striking impression within its small dimensions. It's rare that a bathroom of such small dimensions would employ a dark scheme but it really works in this instance. Notice how the stacked stone wall tiles provide an interesting textural difference within the space. 

Refined décor

根據 Kabaz 隨意取材風

Working closely with the like-minded clients, the team from Kabaz have put together a refined living quarter. Pay close attention to the peculiar choice of hanging light fixtures fitted above the elevated dining table. Speaking of the dining table, there's a genuine bar-feel to the design – it seems like every aspect of life here reminds us of the party lifestyle. 

Sunset ending

根據 Kabaz 田園風

The great aspect of this summer home is how the divisions between interior and exterior are blurred, with both settings becoming one.  A row of pool chairs are simply in place to allow those staying here to delight in their surrounds. There's no better time to do this than watching the last light of the day set over the rugged terrain. 

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