A super family-sized home with a seriously Scandi twist

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IvE-Interior 房子
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If we asked you to picture a traditional Russian home, we don't think this property would pop into your mind, in any way, shape or form! That's not because it isn't beautiful, decadent or perfectly constructed, as it is; it has more to do with the fact that it has a seriously Scandinavian undertone running throughout the design! Naturally, this was requested and the architect involved simply fulfilled a brief in a charming and setting-appropriate way and it's no joke to say that we are blown away. Looking every inch a fairy tale home of fantasies, we think you are going to be inspired by the contrasting materials, perfect lighting and surprising glass bedroom addition! Come and take a look!

It takes your breath away!

This house is something of an optical illusion in that it is clearly large, but manages to look compact and neat as well. Perhaps it's the inspired use of different materials and the delicate lighting? We need to see some of the details more closely, so let's get in there!

Perfect proportions.

We love the way that, depending on what angle you are observing this house from, it can look either totally grand or modest. It can also look fairly traditional, as from this straight-on view, you almost don;t see the beautiful glass-encased bedroom to the upper right!

Those angles though!

From above, you can really appreciate the myriad of angles at play here, with almost conical roof segments and dramatic sweeping slopes. This is a house that keeps you guessing and makes no bones about that fact and we have to say that the way it has been lit really amplifies all those gorgeous little touches that makes it so unique!

Gorgeous materials palette.

We can't not talk about the materials in use here. We said there is a Scanio vibe to this home and we think that the combination of natural wood, rugged stone and bright white render has made that fact undeniable! There's a fresh feel to this home and a sense that it is intrinsically connected to the surroundings as well. Now that's what we call inspired architecture!

Every view is a surprise.

Wherever you stand, in order to appreciate this home, you are shocked by another fabulous addition and in this case, it's the acute angle of the dormer window! It would have been so easy to install just another standard pane of glass, but by adding a more pronounced variety, the house remains enigmatic and awe-inspiring, even from the rear!

So homey!

We often find that some of these contemporary dream houses look phenomenal, but don't exude a homey vibe, per se. That's not a concern here, as the warm exterior lighting, vast open interior spaces and blended materials palette have all created a property that draws you inside! We are so in love with this home, but the question is… are you?

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