15 clever decor ideas for your living and dining rooms


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15 clever decor ideas for your living and dining rooms

Leigh Leigh
 客廳 by MAAD arquitectura y diseño,
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We've explored 15 inspiration ways to combine living rooms and dining rooms and now we are going to explore 15 more!

Combining a living and dining room can make for a far more interactive and social space where family and friends can spend time together, no matter what they are doing. However, it's also functional, ensuring that the home looks much larger and more spacious than it would otherwise.

It's such a savvy and beneficial way to design a home, that today we have looked at 15 more inspirational ways to combine living and dining rooms.

Let's take a look!

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1. With a bookshelf

In an open plan space, you want to make the absolute most of storage. Opt for bookshelves or cabinets where you can have items easily accessible to both the dining room and living room.

2. Lighting

Once again, we can see how lighting is key to creating harmony between living spaces.

3. Add a touch of nature

A pot plant or vase of flowers can be the subtle focal point you need to create a flow throughout the living space.

4. Simple does it

Simple furniture with neutral colours and clean lines can be just what you need to create a beautiful dining room and living space.

5. A touch of the classic

If you go for a classic and traditional style like we see here, make sure it is consistent throughout the living areas.

6. White with industrial chic walls

 餐廳 by AK srl,
AK srl

Wood version

AK srl

This living room and dining room is connected thanks to the industrial chic walls that flow throughout the spaces.

7. Smaller works too

You don't have to have the largest dining room table on the block, especially if space is an issue. In this design, we can see how a simple and small dining room table makes for a very stylish look and feel.

8. Wooden floors

 客廳 by IN,

Use floors to connect spaces like we see in this design.

9. Don't be afraid to add some charm

Add patterns and vibrant colours to your living area to inject it with some beauty and personality. It can also create a consistent look throughout.

10. Furniture as a divider

Here we can see how the L-shaped sofa subtly separates the dining room from the living room, without constricting space.

11. Wooden material

Use wood throughout your living area to create a connection between spaces.

Have a look at this article: How to integrate wooden elements into your home.

12. Black and white with a touch of coziness

 餐廳 by Keir Townsend Ltd.,
Keir Townsend Ltd.

Bramham Gardens

Keir Townsend Ltd.

Here we can see how white and black make for a beautiful combination, with soft textiles and plush rugs making for a cozy look and feel.

13. Eclectic

Your living areas can also be different from one another by opting for an eclectic look and feel.

14. Simple and homely

Once again we can see how simple furniture and homely tones makes for a very spacious, light and bright design.

15. 50 shades of grey

Have you ever seen something so elegant?

 房子 by Casas inHAUS,