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13 design ideas to plan your home

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Designing your dream house can take a lot of time, effort and money especially if you do not know where to start. There are many designs available online but knowing which one will suite your requirement is something they won't provide. If you do not want to hire professional for yourself then here are 13 amazing house designs that can inspire you to design your very own apartment.

1. First floor out of two

This design belongs to the first floor layout of a two story house. There are two entrance to the house one of which takes you to the social area and the other one takes you to the private living room. The floor features a single bedroom, along with a kitchen and a bathroom.

2. Second floor out of two

This is the second floor of the previous house layout. The entire floor has been designed to accommodate three bedrooms and three bathrooms along with a balcony.

3. Two bedroom house

If you want a compact two bedroom house then this square layout might be the perfect choice. It features two bedroom side by side divided by a bathroom in between. Along with this there is also a compact social area and a kitchen.

4. Convertible apartment

This is a convertible apartment layout which basically means that you can use the room for any purpose. The entrance of the house takes you to the social area which includes dining and living room. Second half of the house has a small den along with the kitchen

5. Social area layout

If you do not want to design the entire house and are looking for only living room layouts then this plan might be ideal for you. This print showcases a kitchen,living room and the main entrance of a small square house.

6. Two bedrooms with balcony

If you are looking to construct a house on the 2nd floor or above than this two bedroom with balcony design is highly recommended. The house has a master bedroom along with a kids room. It also has a spacious living and dining area with an outdoor balcony that can accommodate a seating arrangement.

7. Two bedroom with side terrace

This is another floor plan for a two bedroom house but this one has a terrace instead. The entire left side of the house is dedicated to bedrooms and a bathroom. The right side has the social area along with the kitchen. The best part about this layout is that it has a side terrace.

8. Spacious one bedroom

If you want to create a one bedroom house that is spacious then this design is perfect. The right side of the house has a bathroom, bedroom and a balcony. Whereas the other side has the kitchen, dining area and the living room.

9. G-shaped two bedroom layout

This G-shaped two bedroom layout allows you to incorporate all the features of a modern home. It has two different bedrooms on both corners along with an open kitchen and a living room.

10. L-shaped two bedroom layout

This floor plan showcases an L-shaped two bedroom house that is spacious enough for a family of three. The entrance of the house takes you to the kids bedroom and then opens up into the living room and the master bedroom.

11. Corner unit layout

This unit showcases floor plans for a corner apartment which can be very complicated to design. The apartment plan showcases a wall of Windows to give you a great view of the outdoors. It also utilizes the corners to incorporate all the major room in the house

12. Classic design

If you want a simple design without any complications then this classic floor plan is the best. This house has three bedroom along with a kitchen and a small dining space.

13. Exterior design

This is a design for the exterior facade of a two storey house. It uses bold colour and big windows so that it looks beautiful and does not interfere with the inflow of natural light.

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