10 gardens that look beautiful (but need little work!)


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10 gardens that look beautiful (but need little work!)

Leigh Leigh
 庭院 by Sónia Cruz - Arquitectura, 現代風
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If you want to make gardening your hobby of choice this year, this is the article for you! With summer approaching, a garden can really enhance the look and feel of the home. 

In fact, no matter how simple your home is, it can really breathe new life into the look and feel.

This is why today we have put together a selection of simple and small gardens that look beautiful but need little work. 

Let's take a look and get inspired…

1. Small oasis of tranquility

The first example takes us to a dream of pastel! The small, pastel-colored tiles surround the small garden area, making for a cozy nook.

A tree sits in the middle of this space – simple yet effective. 

If you wanted to make this area slightly more functional, you could add a table and chairs.

2. Stylish garden

現代  by Hannah Collins Garden Design, 現代風
Hannah Collins Garden Design

Extended living space – Manchester

Hannah Collins Garden Design

If you like a stylish design, why not opt for this modern look and feel?

Here we can see how wood works in harmony with concrete and stones while the rich green plants make for a beautiful design. 

A fountain catches the eye while the wooden benches invite you to relax in the sunshine.

What's more is that this space doesn't need much gardening!

3. A sea of flowers in front of the door

 庭院 by IJLA, 現代風

IJLA – Chic Garden


If you don't have much space, simply create a little garden patch near the front door. A flower bed or some robust plants can make your home feel that much more welcoming and pleasant.

4. Stones, cacti and palm trees

While this design is suitable in Mediterranean parts of the world, the key is the stones used to add texture and tone to the garden. Stones look beautiful and require no work!

5. Large, potted plants

Opt for potted plants for a vibrant and refreshing design. This is a very simple solution that can work wonders.

6. Trees and grass

Sometimes all you need for a garden is a simple lawn and a few trees. This will look stunning when you look out the window!

Plus all you need is to keep it watered.

7. Boxes with a minimalist style

 庭院 by homify, 北歐風

For those who don't want to overwhelm their outdoor space with greenery, why not opt for this simple, smart and minimalist solution?

The wooden boxes allow plants and flowers to look beautiful in a very effective way.

8. A special accent

How about a single but magnificent focal point in the garden?

9. Small but big

In modern houses, there is often less and less space but this doesn't mean that you can't have a charming and natural element that adds beauty to everyday life. 

Add a mini-garden to the balcony, injecting the home with nature.

10. Stay flexible

As you can see, there are so many options for a charming garden that requires little work. In this final example, we can see how an attractive path has been created with cacti and nurturing plants and flowers. This is playful yet simple and beautiful.

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 房子 by Casas inHAUS, 現代風