12 ideas to incorporate sliding doors in your home


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12 ideas to incorporate sliding doors in your home

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
根據 井上スダレ株式会社 古典風
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Most of us do not have a lavish home which is spread over a vast area. For this reason trying to decorate our apartment or home can be really difficult. One thing that can help us save floor space while designing the interior of our home is the doors. And the best alternative for traditional doors is opting for sliding gates. 

Here are pictures of 12 fantastic space saving doors that you can use as a reference for your place.

1. Dual leaf sliding door

If you have a regular size entrance that needs a door then opting for a double leaf sliding gate is an ideal option.  The designer for this door has used thin rexine to cover the entire length of the door to get more privacy.

2. One third sliding door

In case you are looking to partition two areas in your house then using a similar type of one third sliding door is also a great choice. Only one-third part of the door is shiftable which gives you enough space to lay out your furniture in the rest of the area. 

3. Triple-leaf sliding door

There are many houses that have wide entrance hallways that need customised doors. If you to have a similar requirement, then these triple leaf sliding doors are highly recommended.

4. Glass sliding door

If you are trying to incorporate a door near a place which has beautiful views that option for a glass to cover the entire gate is worth a shot. This way even when the door is closed, you will be able to enjoy the outdoor view.

5. Wooden bar sliding door

For those of you who do not want to completely barricade a room opting for wooden bar sliding door as seen in the picture is also a perfect option. The designer has chosen a combination of vertical and horizontal bars to give it a customised look.

6. Designer sliding door

It is not important that you have to cover the entire length of the door with some sort of material to make it look beautiful. Rather opting for such alternative block designs can also make your sliding door look great.

7. Etched glass doors

If you want the door to not interfere with the natural light source then using etched glass is a must. This will give you the privacy that you desire without stopping the light from spreading into other rooms.

8. Metal and glass sliding door

For those of you who want to create an outdoor sliding door and are looking for some study material then using metal and glass doors is advised. These metal frames will give you the durability that you desire.

9. Half and half doors

Similar looking half and half doors will not only give you the stability that a gate must have, but they also give you a unique design.

10. Horizontal bar sliding door

Another great way to cover your entrance without compromising on the natural light source is by using horizontal bar sliding door as seen in the picture.

11. Mesh style sliding door

If you want your sliding door to stand out from the rest of the decor then using an intricate mesh style design is something that you must consider.

12. Artistic sliding door frame

It is not important that a frame of the door has to be around the central material. Instead by artistically designing a frame you can achieve a beautiful looking sliding door.

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